Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Jericho March ~Day 1

Jericho March ~Day 2

If you are just joining us for our one week Jericho March prayers, you can click the links above for days 1 and 2. Today we are going to pray over addictions. It could be your addiction or the addiction of someone in your household. It may be addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking, p*rn, food, tv, social media, anything that has a hold and separates us from God.

Today walk around the perimeter of your home one time as you pray. As you pray this prayer, I encourage you to add your owns words making the prayer specific to your family and your needs. Because addiction is a stronghold, I encourage you that if you have someone in your household with an addiction, after walking the perimeter of your home, go to the bedroom of the person struggling with addiction and pray specifically over their room. Touch their door frame, their pillow, their walls, their hairbrush, etc. Pray the chains are broken in Jesus name.

Day 3

Father, I pray right now for addictions. I ask You to touch (say their name) and deliver them. Break the chains of addiction in Jesus name! Help them to realize their problem and realize their need for a Savior.

I pray Lord that You would wash their body, mind, and spirit. Cleanse their heart and mind. Every time they go to (list addiction specifically) I pray that You would quicken their heart and put a road block in their way!

Father, any damage they have done to their mind or body, I pray a cleansing and renewing in the name of Jesus. I pray that You would renew (say their name) and bring them to You in Jesus name. I pray they are able to look back one day with gratitude and see just how far You brought them.

I pray all of this in Jesus name, amen.

Amen and amen! Come back tomorrow for day 4!

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