Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Distractions 2

Yesterday I talked about being distracted when we spend time with God.  After God dealt with me about that, He dealt with me about distractions when it comes to my family.  As I said, my cell is my little buddy.  It is with me all of the time (other than my time with God).  Well, I thought back to a date night with my husband earlier this year.  I remember standing there waiting in line at the movie and I was on facebook.  Ignoring my husband.  Sitting at the table waiting on dinner, texting.  Ignoring my husband.  Here we were on a date.  A date!  You know those rare times when you get a sitter, get dressed up and go out alone, just the two of you for some quaility time?  Oh yea, those!  I spent the evening on my cell!  Then I started thinking about family time.  I am very big on family dinners.  We always have dinner at the dining table together.   But where is my cell?  In the hand that isn't holding a fork! 

Am I giving my family my best?  No, they are getting the left over wife and mom.  My family deserves more of me.  They deserve my full attention.  So just like my time with God, my family time has become a no cell phone zone.  Am I perfect at this?  No I still struggle.  But I am working on it.  I am working on it because God blessed me with a wonderful family that I truly love.  I need to show them that I love and respect them by giving them more of me.  What is distracting you from your family time?  What needs to be "cleaned" out of that time?  Our Father and our family deserve our best!


  1. I had to laugh a little, you remind me of my husband a bit. Never goes anywhere without his phone. Sometimes he will be on the phone, computer, and watching tv all at the same time! I think 'how can he concentrate on anything?' I realize though I'm just as bad, except it's not technology that distracts, it's the mental and physical 'to do' list that is constantly playing in my head. I can be cleaning the kitchen, mind racing with what else I have to do, while nodding my head to what Jason is saying, but not really paying attention at all. Another good reminder to focus on what really matters.

    Andrea A.


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