About Jenifer

Woman to Woman Ministries founder and co-leader, Jenifer Metzger, has a passion for ministering to and encouraging women. She is learning to say "yes" to God and loves the journey with Him.

Not considering herself a writer or speaker, Jenifer was unsure how blogging would go. After all, to write shouldn't you understand predicate nominatives, dangling modifiers and all of that grammar jargon? At the very least, shouldn't you be able to spell correctly? {Praise God for spell check, amen?}

While grammar and spelling may not be her strong suit, Jenifer strives to be authentic and share her heart. She wants others to understand that they are not alone in their struggles and trials. We are all sinners saved by grace.

Jenifer and her husband of 24 years, Jeremy, have 4 children whom she calls her blessings from Heaven, a son-in-love, daughter-in-love, and precious grandbaby. Jeremy and Jenifer are on staff at their church. Jenifer is a housewife and homeschooled her children who now have all graduated.

Jenifer is the author of Joyful, Patient, Faithful, a 90 day devotional book for moms. This collection of daily devotions is here to help when you want to focus on faith. The time-friendly format makes it easy to pause and lighten your load through Him, so you can be reminded of the joy and beauty of connecting with Jesus every day. To order, click HERE.

To hear Jenifer's testimony, click here.

To contact Jenifer with prayer requests, questions or if there is a topic you would like her to touch on please email at jenifer@jenifermetzger.org.


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