Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beauty and the Beet

My family has always been huge fans of Veggie Tales. Even at just a couple of months old, my daughter would sit mesmerized in front of Veggie Tales. At 16, she still likes it, and so do we. I love the life lessons and Biblical values Veggie Tales offers.

VT has a brand new movie, Beauty and the Beet. This new animated tale features singer Kelli Pickler as the main character, Mirabelle, as well as 8 brand new songs and an all new Silly Songs with Larry.

The Veggie Beats want to get to their next big gig. But a big snow storm strands them in a run down hotel with a mean manager who makes them work for their stay. But will Maribelle's kindness change the mean Beet?

Check out the trailer:

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Marriage Retreat Weekend

Today I will continue to count the amazing ways God blesses me each and every day. Friends, our God is good and He is worthy to be praised. Can I get an amen?

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1641. A weekend marriage retreat with my amazing husband and church couples.

1642. Laughing until it hurts!

1643. Connecting with Christian couples.

1644. A night alone with my husband.

1645. My amazing husband, knowing how much I hate ironing and that I was really busy, ironing all of the church clothes to surprise me.

Please comment below with something you are praising God for. He is worthy to be praised!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It Will Be Okay


We have all dealt with these issues at some point in life and would likely agree that these are hard issues to face. We know that God is in control and it's going to be okay. Sometimes we need reminded of that. Sometimes we fight it. But we know it.

Guess what? These problems are not limited to adults. Our children face worry, fear, loneliness and change too. A friend moves away, mom and dad are fighting, changing churches, sick grandparent, bully at school, moving to a new neighborhood, the list goes on and on. Things can be hard on a child.

We, as parents, need to reassure our children that through these difficult times, God is always there and it is going to be okay. Even when it doesn't feel like it, it will be okay.

Helping kids discover that God is always with them as they overcome new or scary circumstances. #parenting #fear #worry #scary

Lysa Terkeurst has written a new children's book, It Will Be OkayIt Will Be Okay is the story of a little fox and a little seed. The two friends are facing changes that are scary. But they are reassured that the farmer has their best interest at heart and they he will take care of them. What better story to read to a child who is facing hard times!

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