Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Too often we spend time with God in the morning then close our Bible and walk away. We forget to think about God, pray, meditate on Scripture, or worship the rest of the day. Then, because we continue our day on our own, we begin to feel stressed, anxious or even cranky.

God doesn't just want our morning. He wants our whole day. He wants us. What we need to be doing is to continually go back to God's Word throughout the day. To read a Scripture verse here and there, to talk to God as we go about our day, to sing praises and to give thanks.

One thing that helps is to have a small devotional on hand. Debora M. Coty has a new devotional that is perfect for a quick encouragement. Too Blessed To Be Stressed is 365 days of devotions. Each day has a Scripture verse, short devotion and short prayer. You could do 1 each day while eating a meal, waiting for the shower water heat up, waiting on the coffee pot, while stirring dinner, while vacuuming, in line at the store, in the doctor's waiting room, right before bed, the list is endless. Debora touches on everyday topics like relationships, love, boundaries, hope, brokenness and more.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed is a great devotional to help you stay connected to God throughout the day. Pick up a copy here.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry
heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

This verse has been my verse lately. With the demands of every day life, sometimes I forget to turn to Him. I forget that when I am tired, He helps me. When I am stuck, He is there. When I need rest, He is by my side. It is so easy to just think, "I am tired, I am over worked, so I'll just quit." Wouldn't life just be so much easier if I quit it all! But the Word reminds me that all I have to do is come to Him. He will give me the rest I need to persevere.

Friend, He will give you that same rest. Are you tired? Are you worn? Are you sick of fighting? Go to Him. Let Him give you the rest you need to keep on keeping on.

Guess what? That's what this month's Illustrated Faith kit is all about! Perseverance.

Illustrated Faith has gotten a fresh new look and you are going to love it! The new kit, Persevere, is out and it is beautiful.

The new kit comes in a mini reusable envelope with a cute string to tie it together.

The new kit includes:
1 clear stamp collection
1 roll of washi tape
1 thank you card from Shanna
1 package of paper pieces (25)
2 sheets of gold-accented, translucent stickers
3 heart-shaped tip-ins
4 devotional cards
4 journaling cards

Devotional cards include:
Week 1 - Prayer closet Matthew 11:28
Week 2 - Why Me? I Thessalonians 5:17
Week 3 - Losing life Luke 9:23
Week 4 - Revival Psalm 23

The devotional cards have a beautiful picture on the front and your devotional and Scriptures on the back. You'll use one card per week. I love that each of the cards this month remind me to get alone with God and rest in Him.

The journaling cards also have a beautiful image on the front, then the back is simply lined for taking notes or writing out prayers. I am so excited to utilize these cards for prayer and Bible memory work!

These stickers with gold foil are super cute! With the translucent background, they will be cute in your Bible, journaling cards, planner, or anywhere!

Tip ins are so fun, and these heart shaped tip ins are great! Use tape, washi or even glue to add them to your Bible, journal or planner. I am putting them in my car! They will a great reminder to me as I am driving my kids to and fro.

These fun cutouts have beautiful images and inspiring messages. I love these because they are great for adding to little places as a reminder. I put one on the planner that sits in my kitchen, I see it numerous times throughout the day and I am reminded to live by His will, not mine. I put another in the ID slot in my wallet, every time I open my wallet, I see the reminder to be firmly planted.

Finally, we have the washi tape with the messages of pray, plant your feet, prepare and persevere. And the stamps, which I always love! The stamps have that same cute flower print and inspiring message you will find all over the kit.

This kit is beautiful and so much fun to use.

In addition to this new look, there is a new price! The new kits are only $20! And...use code THANKYOU for 25% off! To order the new kit, click the image below.

*Disclosure: This product was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. Links on this page may be affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this ministry by using the affiliate links.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Our family is a baseball family. We love watching our favorite baseball teams and we love watching our boys play. Last summer we had to switch leagues for my oldest son, as our homeschool organization was no longer offering baseball and he aged out of the rec leagues. We had quite the experience with this league. His coach was the man who runs the entire league of roughly 1000 kids, along with his full time job. At first we were excited. This man had played professional baseball, we thought it would be a great learning experience. Instead, just the opposite happened.

The coach was so busy that he told the boys there would be no practices. Really? No practices at all? Then he told the boys to show up at game time, no warm up time. Now, that is just crazy! These boys, all 12 of them, have played baseball their entire lives. They know the game, they love the game. Many of them can play multiple positions. Basically put, they can do this. But the thing is, without practice time and warm up time, they didn't play well. The season was basically a bust.

That is how it is with God's Word. We know what the Bible says. If you've been saved a long time, you've probably even read it through cover to cover a time or two. We know what God wants, we know how to act, we know right from wrong, we get it. But if we don't "practice" and "warm up" with God's Word each and every single day, we won't play well. We are risking our day being a bust.

Our day will still bring normal life things. Some good and some not so good. But when we "warm up" in God's Word, just like a ball player, we are better prepared for what the day throws our way.

So let me ask you friend, have you warmed up with God's Word today?

It's time for the 3rd annual Summer Blessing Giveaway! And friends, you are going to love it!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I remember when I was first pregnant with my oldest. I would lay my hands on my rounded belly praying for her, though I didn't know she was a her yet. I remember driving home from work each day talking to her and praying over her. 19 years later, I am still praying for her, as well as my other babies. Now that my oldest is in the early part of her adulthood journey and preparing for college, I find that my prayers, mixed with buckets of tears, are nonstop.

The prayers of a mother are vitally important. Yet, sometimes, we aren't sure what to pray. I've often wondered if I am missing any areas that need to be prayed over. What did I fail to cover? We wonder how to pray over specific areas and how to pray Scripture over our girl.

In her brand new book Praying for Girls, Teri Lynne Underwood shares 5 main areas to pray over your daughter, each with little sub-areas. She teaches us how to pray over her identity, her heart, her mind, her relationships and her purpose. Teri Lynne uses over 200 Scriptures to show us how to pray God's Word. My favorite part is at the end of each area, she offers a Girl Talk. This Girl Talk is divided into 3 sections. 1 for little girls, 1 for the middle girls, and 1 for big girls. The Girl Talk gives discussion topics for you and your daughter to talk about and gives a little hands on activity to do together. This is a great bonding tool!

No matter how old your girl is, 1 or 21, Praying for Girls is a must read. You will be blessed, your daughter will be blessed and your relationship with her will be blessed.

Have sons? Are you a boy only mom? That's ok! Praying for Girls can work for your boys too! Our sons need prayers in these areas as well and the Girl Talk can be changed to Boy Talk with a little adjustment for the hands on areas.

Be sure to check out Teri Lynne's incredible giveaway going on at Facebook this week! Click HERE.

Monday, July 10, 2017


#eucharisteo, #joydare, #thanksgiving, #thankfulness, #1000gifts,

Continuing to count God's sweet blessings...

2235. God's hand on my grandfather who was involved in a horrible 4 car accident this week that resulted in the death of 1 man. Please pray for the man's family.

2236. God's hand on my son when he jumped off a dock into shallow water. He sprained his ankle, but it could have been much worse.

2237. One on one time with my hubby.

2238. A/C, it's been so hot.

2239. Hubby always being willing to help others.

Share something you are praising God. I would love to rejoice with you.

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