Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Today I am thrilled to share a new Bible study with you. If God Is For Us by Trillia Newbell is a in-depth study on Romans 8, a favorite chapter of many. Romans 8 is filled with the salvation message, living through the Spirit, and more great messages.

In If God Is For Us, Trillia breaks down this beloved chapter. She offers insight and questions to get our minds and hearts thinking. Through this study, you will dive into 6 messages:
Week 1: No Greater Message
Week 2: Life in the Spirit
Week 3: Heirs with Christ- God's Children
Week 4: Future Glory
Week 5: Our Assurance
Week 6: Everlasting Love

Trillia says, "You don't need to have a radical testimony like Paul's to know the power of the gospel to change lives. What you and I need is the faith to believe." Through this study of Romans, we learn to have this faith to believe and to accept and live out our salvation.

I highly recommend If God Is For Us. This study would be wonderful done on your own or with a group.

Keep Kids Entertained With These Creative Hobbies

It can sometimes be difficult to keep creative kids entertained. Their imagination may always be on the go, and they certainly won’t be happy simply sitting in front of the TV. They will always want to be inspired by the world around them and use all of this inspiration to make and create new and exciting things.

Maybe it’s time to encourage them to start a new hobby that will engage their creative nature? Here are some brilliant pastimes that you might want to try with your kids.


Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It’s a great hobby to get kids into as even very young ones will be able to fold paper to make some simple shapes. Once they are more confident with the art and their paper-folding abilities, they can progress onto more complicated shapes and will even be able to create 3D animals. If you take a look on, you will be able to find some great shapes to get kids started with.

Learning A Musical Instrument

One nice idea is to encourage your child to take up learning a musical instrument. The piano is fairly easy for children to learn and you will find that many teachers have lessons with very young children, so age should not be an issue. If you read the blog post at, you will find out about the different ways people learn. As you can see, your child doesn’t have to go to lessons and there are other methods of learning. In fact, if you take up a new instrument as well, the two of you can learn together, which will be very motivational for both of you.


Lots of kids love to bake, so why not spend a few hours making some sweet treats together in the kitchen? If your child is still quite young, then you will be better off starting with some simple recipes, such as for choc-chip cookies. You will have to do some of the more dangerous steps, such as any chopping, but your child will be able to mix all of the ingredients together. Once they get a bit more confident in the kitchen, they will be able to use their creativity to come up with some of their own recipes!


If your child has a wild imagination, they might be very good at coming up with new characters and stories. This is something that can be encouraged, as it will help to develop their storytelling skill. You can ask them to tell you a story or encourage them to write their tails down. You never know, it could even encourage them to become a professional writer or author once the grow up!

Your creative kids don’t have to end up bored in front of the TV - as you can see, there are some really great hobbies that will bring out their creative natures. They can be so fun that you might want to join in!

Pest-Proof Your Home Ready For Summer

I’m sure that you will really enjoy the nicer weather once summer gets underway in just a few months. You won’t be the only one who makes the most of the sun and good temperatures - common household pests will as well! In fact, lots of bugs and insects thrive in the summer months, so there is always an increase in the households that discover pests. Obviously, this is something that you will want to prevent.

To make sure you don’t discover any pests have made your house their home this summer, here are some great ways to pest-proof your property.

Call Out Local Pest Control

If you already have an issue with pests in your home, it will be worth getting rid of them completely so that you can then go onto pest-proof your home. The best way to get rid of any kind of pest is to call out your local pest control services. They will be able to send someone around to inspect the issue and figure out the best way to deal with it. Using some state-of-the-art methods, they will be able to remove all of the pests out of your home causing little damage to your property.

Keep Your Home Clean

Once your home is completely free from any pests, it’s necessary to keep it as clean and tidy as you possibly can. It’s worth giving it a deep clean every six months so that you get rid of every speck of dust and dirt. It’s the dirt that will attract pests in the first place as it will provide them with a source of food. The kitchen is the most important place to keep clean - any traces of food on the surfaces or floor will be a huge attraction to pests.

Tidy Your Yard

As well as the inside of your home, you should also keep your yard neat and tidy as well. If it becomes overgrown, even just by a little bit, you will find that a lot of insects will start to congregate in all the mess. If this mess is close to your property, then the insects could easily make their way inside through tiny holes and gaps.

Stop Leaks

You should also endeavor to stop any leaks from pipes as well. These could cause pools of water to develop, which will provide pests with a source of water. By fixing any leaky pipes and drying up these pools, the pests won’t have anything to drink so will need to move on in order to find a new water source.

Block Gaps In Doors And Windows

Over time, buildings will naturally move, and this can cause very small gaps to develop between doors and walls, as well as between windows and the walls in which they sit. These will be small entrances for pests, so it’s important to block them up as soon as you notice them.

If you carry out all of these useful steps, you will be able to pest-proof your home in time for summer.

Monday, April 15, 2019


Continuing to count God's sweet blessings...

2570. Wedding dress fitting with my daughter.

2571. Saturday date lunch with my husband.

2572. Sunday lunch with my parents.

2573. New life coming to trees and lawns.

2574. Sunshine and afternoon walks.

It's your turn! Share something you are praising God for. I would love to rejoice with you.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Continuing to count God's sweet blessings...

2565. A wonderful and relaxing weekend with my husband.

2566. Time spent just the two of us.

2567. Afternoon walks.

2568. A new discipleship group at church.

2569. My kids having a safe trip to and from their fine arts festival and doing well in the competition.

It's your turn! Share something you are praising God for. I would love to rejoice with you.