Friday, November 24, 2017


Young ladies have a battle. One they face daily. This battle is with the world who tells them to look a certain way, act a certain way, and live a certain way. The world tells them what they have to do to be beautiful, so much so that they don't feel beautiful on their own.

BeautyliciousInsider YouTuber Chelsea Crocket knows and understands this tug young women face. She knows that beauty is skewed in this generation, where beauty radiates from the inside out, too many see it other way around. She tells girls that they don't need to stuff themselves into a "one size fits all," they just need to be themselves. In her new book Your Own Beautiful, Chelsea says, "...God has even better plans for us than what we can plan for ourselves. I think that's amazing! Someone loves us and has good things planned for our lives. Even when things get hard and the bad seems to be taking over, we can know God is there guiding us toward the future He has planned for us."

Chelsea wants girls to know they are beautiful and she wants them to be themselves. She encourages them to find their identity in Christ, not the world.

In Your Own Beautiful, Chelsea teaches girls how to find their own beauty as well as teaches girls how to live a life with Jesus. If you have a tween, teen, or young adult girl, this book is a must read.

Pick up a copy of Your Own Beautiful today!

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Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house...

We all know those famous words. You probably continued the story as you read the line above. But there's a new book that puts a faith based twist on the timeless story.

Twas the Evening of Christmas does't share of a mouse in a house, it shares of that beautiful night thousands of years ago when our Savior came into this world.

The detailed illustrations will capture your child as they hear of the story of the birth of Jesus.

Let Twas the Evening of Christmas become a favorite Christmas tradition in your home. Pick up your copy today. 

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love every single thing about it. Some of my favorite days are days the kids and I bake cookies, make hot cocoa, and snuggle in with a Christmas movie.

Up until four or five years ago, I had no idea what Advent really was. While I grew up in a Christian family who loved Christmas and celebrated the true meaning of the day, Advent was foreign to me. When I finally did research on what it really means, I started to get excited to celebrate Advent. It has become one of my very favorite things to do at Christmas time.

This month's Illustrated Faith kit is all about Advent. In fact, that is what the kit is called! This Advent is such a fun kit and is going to be the perfect addition to the holiday. In the Advent kit, Shanna Noel, creator of Illustrated Faith, and her friend Ali invite us to join them with eight devotionals (one every three days) to read and reflect during the season of Advent. Then, there are fun tools in the kit to help you illustrate what you've read and reflected on. Shanna says, "Grab some hot cocoa and your Bible and let's rejoice in this season together!"

The devotions include:
1 - Promise
2 - Covenant
3 - Anticipation
4 - Prophecy
5 - Expectation
6 - Royalty
7 - Light
8 - Fellowship

The color scheme and abundance of hot cocoa make this kit so much fun. I can't wait to add each piece to my Bible, journal and even my agenda planner.

Each kit includes:
1 clear stamp collection
1 roll of washi tape
1 thank you card from Shanna
1 package of paper pieces (13 pieces)
2 sheets of translucent stickers
8 advent devotional cards

Advent begins Sunday, December 3rd and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent is perfect to do in your daily quiet time or as an additional time in the Word later on in the day.

My favorite thing is to do Advent as a family. Get each of your kids a spiral notebook, you can find them for around $0.25 at Walmart. Read the devotion together and talk about it. Then share your Advent kit supplies. Encourage your kids to write out something from the devotion that really meant something to them or a prayer, then have them illustrate their entry with the stickers, stamps, washi and paper pieces. It's going to be so fun to see what each person creates in their entry! I cannot wait for December 3rd to begin Advent with my family.

To pick up your Advent kit, click the image below. *PLUS use code FRIDAY17 and get 30% off the kit, making it only $13.99! That's a great deal!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


As a homemaker and stay at home mom, I spend most of my time at home. I teach my teenagers, I chase toddlers, I clean house, I keep up with laundry, I cook meals, I do ministry work, and I take care of it all from home.

After 20 years of being a homemaker, I think the hardest part is taking care of myself. It is so easy to wake up, shower, put on the comfiest of clothes, throw the hair back in a pony tail or messy bun, and be done. But let's be real, that isn't the most flattering way to go about it. Even though I am home all day, I want to look nice for my husband. Truthfully, I want to look nice for myself too. Like many women, I feel frumpy or self-conscious when I don't intentionally take care of myself.

Another thing I've learned in the more recent years of being a homemaker is when I intentionally take care of myself, I am better able to take care of my family. When I am feeling frumpy, I quickly begin to feel grumpy. But when I take time to take care of myself, I feel better about me which helps me to take better care of my people. I've had to learn to take care of myself by getting the sleep I need; taking the vitamins, drinking the water and getting the exercise my body needs; and not allowing myself to be frumpy.

In her new book, Staying Stylish, Candace Cameron Bure says, "So I've had points in my life when I put myself and my needs last. It wasn't until I realized that taking care of myself would make me better at taking care of other people that I was really able to shift my priorities and put my health and wellness at the top of my priority list."

Candace has learned that taking care of herself must be a priority. She also knows that not only does it help us take better care of our people, but it honors God when we take care of our self.

In Staying Stylish Candace gives tips and tricks to staying stylish with:
• Fashion is all about balance
• Skin care, makeup and hair
• Health, fitness and nourishing your spirit

She shares great tips for style and fashion, skin care, make up, and hair, including her signature Fuller House ponytail. She reminds us that, "Fashion isn't about anyone else. It's about yourself -what you feel beautiful wearing and what makes you feel most comfortable, which leads to confidence."

Over the summer my husband and I decided to take control over our health. We are trying to eat healthier and exercise regularly. Let me tell you, it is not easy! But like Candace says, "If I want to live a long and fulfilling life with my husband and kids, then I have to focus on my health and make it a priority." After visiting our doctor for a physical, we found that had we stayed on the path we were on, we just might not be here to have a long and fulfilling life with one another.

Candace also teaches us about Spiritual nutrition. She tells us that, "Nourishing your spirit is easy to do, but just like eating well and exercising, it requires intention." She talks about the importance of prayer and Bible reading.

Staying Stylish is so much fun. It feels like you are personally sitting down with Candace for a girl to girl chat about fashion and health. You will love all of her tips and encouragement. And you'll likely find yourself referring back to the book often.

Staying Stylish is out today! Pick up your copy HERE.

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Monday, November 20, 2017


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Continuing to count God's sweet blessings...

2295. A fairly calm, relaxing week and weekend.

2296. The sound of fall leaves rustling down the street.

2297. The scent of fall diffusing in my home.

2298. Having family and friends over to make essential oil roller bottles.

2299. Dinner sitting at the table with my husband and children.

Share something you are praising God. I would love to rejoice with you.

I love essential oils! I love that I am giving my family good benefits while also making my home smell so good. While I do not consider myself an expert, or anywhere close for that matter, on essential oils, I have done a lot of research. Recently I found a company that has high quality oils at a fair price, Plant Therapy.

"Plant Therapy’s standards of quality are some of the strictest in the industry. Before we sell an essential oil we do everything possible to establish that it is 100% pure, natural, AND of the highest quality, making it appropriate for use in aromatherapy. To ensure that each oil meets these strict standards, Plant Therapy works directly with world renowned essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, and several analytical laboratories." To read more of Plant Therapy's essential oil quality, click HERE.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

After the quality of the the oils, one of my favorite features at Plant Therapy is the fact that PT tells you on their website and on their bottles if the oil is safe for kids. Essential oils are natural and safe, yet there are some oils that little ones shouldn't be around because of their strength. While my kids are all teens, my nieces and nephews are at my house several times a week. I want to know that what I am diffusing in my home is safe for little ones. PT did all the research and work for me, all I have to do is look at the bottle. They even have a KidSafe line with strictly kids in mind.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

PT has six different Christmas blends that you will love! Your house can smell like Christmas Tree, Snow Flurries, Winter Wreath, Candy Cane, Gingerbread, or Spiced Apple Cider. All without the chemicals of a candle! Plus, order a Christmas blend and get a free aroma stone ornament. Just add a drop of your oil to the ornament for a great scent. I am loving the Candy Cane blend! It smells just like Christmas candy canes! Click the banner below to order your Christmas blend.

Free Aroma Stone Ornament With Your Purchase of the New Holiday Blends, at Plant Therapy!

Get your Plant Therapy essential oil today and give your family great health benefits all while making your home smell incredible.