Thursday, August 26, 2010

Over Worked and Under Appreciated 2

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good..." Psalm 107:1

Yesterday I talked about my experience with being an over worked mom and wife and feeling very under appreciated.  (If you missed it, see the post directly below this one!)  I wanted to point out something else here. 

I was up early in the morning cooking, cleaning, teaching, taking care of kids and never received any appreciation.  I felt tired and drained from all I did.  Other than the chocolate cake with a fudgy frosting, I am not sure I heard one thank you all day.  I am very sure you have had a day like mine was yesterday.  Maybe you were up early and off to work then back home to clean, cook and take care of dinner.  Maybe you spent the day running errands for someone else.  We have all had at least one day in our lives (and if we are honest it is many days) where we feel over worked and under appreciated. 

Now step back and think about how God feels.  He created us.  He blesses us.  He protects us.  God has provided us with shelter, food, and clothing.  If you have a job right now, God provided you with the job and the ability to do it.  Do you have a bed to sleep in each night?  What about your church?  God lead you to a church and blessed you with a pastor and church family.  If you are reading this, you obviously have some sort of Internet, another blessing from God.  Maybe you say, "well my health isn't that great."  Well friend, you are alive! 

God has "over worked" for us our entire lives.  But are we appreciating Him?  Are we thanking Him daily for His provisions?  No matter how big or small something is, we should be thanking God for it.   When you are feeling under appreciated by your family, friends or co-workers, stop and think, are you truly appreciating God?


  1. Ouch! Thank you for posting this. I need this reminder.

  2. I've been thinking the same thing!!! I so 'underappreciate' God! Perhaps this will spark my doing a better job at appreciating and thanking Him!

  3. Thank God that He never takes a vacation from us and He is eager to help us when we talk to Him. Thank you, Jenifer.


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