Friday, September 3, 2010

Brag on God

"My soul will boast in the LORD; let the afflicted hear and rejoice." Psalm 34:2

Your husband just bought you flowers, do you brag to your friends? You son just scored the winning point in a big game, do you spread the good news? You just got a new car, do you show it off to your friends? After working hard for months, you finally are down to your desired weight, do you brag? Many wonderful things in life happen to us all of the time. Maybe it is a big promotion at work or we buy a new house. Or maybe it is finally perfecting a new recipe or the puppy is finally house trained. When good things happen to us we always want to share it, no matter how big or small it may be. We may call our spouse or co-worker or maybe we post it to facebook or text a friend. But we always share our good news. It is always wonderful to hear of good things happening to our friends.

But, do you brag on God?  When God heals you from a sickness, do you praise Him and share with others of the healing touch?  When God blesses you with a raise at work, do you thank Him and share the blessing of God's faithfulness with others?  So many times God blesses us, saves us, heals us, or protects us, and we either ignore it or pass the praise off to someone else.  When your husband brings home those flowers to surprise you, do you say what a great husband!  Or do you say what a great husband God has blessed me with! 

Today we received a letter in the mail saying my we won four free tires for our truck.  When I called to get the details my husband told me to make sure I told them it was a blessing from God.  God used the tire company to bless us with something that we greatly needed.  Of course we are grateful to the company and told them.  But we also wanted to brag on God.  He blessed us in a mighty way. 

Sometimes God blesses us in big ways and sometimes it is daily in the little things.  Are you bragging on God?  Let's praise God for His wondrous works.  Let's share our stories of God's faithfulness.  Let's brag on God today!   

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  1. God blesses those who love and obeys Him. Jeremy just wanted to make sure God got the praise for what he did. God healed Papa's leg over night and it was such a blessing to us. We have an awesome God and praises need to go up to Him continually.


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