Friday, October 29, 2010

His Treasure

"So God created man in His own image..." Genesis 1:27

Last week my husband and I took our kids to a nature park.  We had a picnic, walked the trail and enjoyed God's beautiful autumn scenery.  It was wonderful.  I love to take pictures so I brought my camera along and snapped some great shots.  There is one picture in particular that I love of my kids.  I look at this picture several times throughout the day and it always puts a big smile on my face.  Now, they were not sitting in some professional pose or wearing matching clothes.  They were wearing their everyday jeans, t-shirts and old tennis shoes.  My girls' hair was not curled or in some fashionable style.  My boys were holding water bottles and you can tell my youngest son's jeans were too short.  But to me this picture is perfect.  My kids look wonderful and I love it.  God truly blessed me with four amazing children.  My children are wonderful and beautiful.

That is how our Father sees us.  He doesn't care if our hair is perfect, we have wrinkles around our eyes or a little extra weight.  He thinks we are beautiful.  To Him, we are a treasure.  There is a song by the David Crowder Band that says, "You made everything glorious and I am Yours, what does that make me?"  God made us in His image.  He loves us so much.  Regardless of how we look or who we are, to God we are a beautiful treasure that He loves.  How wonderful!   

It amazes me that God loves me.  I know how deeply I love my children.  I know how just thinking of them or looking at them draws a sweet smile to my face.  God even loves us more than that.  He loves us so much He sent His son to die for us.  His love is everlasting and perfect.  His love never wavers.  His love is pure and beautiful.  Today, just praise God for His love. 


  1. Beautiful picture. thank you for this. God's love is so amazingly wonderful

  2. I will never cease to be amazed at how God loves me...especially when I see myself as an unlovely person! It was the same way with my children...There is NOTHING in this world that would keep me from loving my kids...I am so glad that God loves them even more than I do!

    **Beautiful pic!

  3. God is our treasure, but even more amazingly, we are His. Thank you for this!


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