Friday, November 19, 2010

An Ever Faithful God, Gracie's Testimony

" His wounds we are healed."  Isaiah 53:5

Since I shared part of my daughter's story with you yesterday, I decided to share the rest today.  I never intended to share this on here but I just felt led to do so.  This will be a long post and since I do not like long posts, I apologize. First off, let me say Praise God!  Her fever finally broke last night.  She is still not back to normal but the fever is gone now.  He is an ever faithful God!
10 months

My sweet Gracie was born weighing at 7lbs 8ozs.  She was the largest of my four children.  Like any normal baby she ate all of the time!  By three months of age she was up to 12lbs and had cute little tummy rolls.  She was rolling over and happy.  By six months, she was still only 12lbs and could not do any more than rolling over yet.  She continued to eat like a cute little piggy and by now we had added baby cereal and veggies to her diet.  Yet she still was not gaining weight.  We went in weekly for a weight check and soon found out she was losing weight.  By nine months she was down to 9lbs.  We had an appointment with the local children's hospital and they had a hard time finding out what the problem was.  We went in every day, five days a week for two weeks.  She had every possible test ran.  Some of these tests I did not even know what they were testing for.  It was terrifying.  By now she was finally sitting up but that was all.  She should have been crawling and she was not.  If you sat her down, she could not move to change positions or lay or anything.

10 months
At the doctor

At the end of the two weeks of testing they found out her thyroid had completely quit working.  They put her on medication and said she had to have her blood drawn to retest every six months.  We were told she would never go off of this medication.  We were also told that they believed they caught the problem too late and she could possibly have brain damage.  I do not think I have ever felt more devastated than I did right then.  Our family was hurting for our precious baby. 

 We choose not to allow satan to win.  We remained faithful to God and covered our little girl in prayer.  Our church covered her in prayer.  She had to have an MRI done to check the extent of the brain damage.  Due to her young age, they put her to sleep.  I remember the pain of watching her fall asleep and the nurse ushered me out of the room.  But we held onto God.  A couple weeks later the report was back.  There was NO brain damage!  Praise God!  He is an ever faithful God.

1st birthday
See the difference
2 months made!
 She continued on her medication and started to grow.  By her first birthday her hair was finally growing in, the sparkle was back in her eyes, and she seemed to wiggle a lot more than she did. (smiles)  The night of her first birthday party, she took her very first step!  Even before she ever crawled.  He is an ever faithful God!

We asked our doctor several times if Grace would ever be able to come off of her medication.  The answer was always the same.  No, this is for life.  One day right, before her fourth birthday, we went in for her regular six month check up and the doctor walked in, looked at her chart, looked at her and said, "Take her off the medication and come back in six weeks and we'll draw her blood then."  My mom and I looked at each other and cried.  We thought that day would never come!  Six weeks later her thyroid levels were perfect!  We still go in once a year and her tests are still perfect!  She has never taken medication for thyroid since.  He is an ever faithful God! 

"...I am the Lord, who heals you."  Exodus 15:26

She could have stayed on thyroid medication for life.  God healed her.  She could have had brain damage.  God healed herOur God is a healer!  Praise You Jesus for touching my daughter and healing her!

God is so good and faithful.  Friends, if you need a healing touch from God, ask Him.  Have complete faith in His healing hands.  I have seen His miracleous healing so many times and I expect to continue to see it.  He is the great physician.   When the doctors give no hope, when the world says it's impossible, have faith in the Almighty.  Thank you for taking the time to listen to Gracie's testimony. 

Please comment below with your own healing testimony or prayer requests.  I would love to rejoice with you and pray for you.  


  1. God is such an awesome loving God, thank you for sharing!

  2. While reading (and bawling like a baby) 'our' story, I realized that even though I felt heartsick during that time...I don't remember ever feeling like we were alone. I never remember doubting God. I do remember almost arguing with the doctor about the thyroid medication and 'begging' for a trial off it! I look back and realize now that what we were dealing with could have been horribly devastating but in the end GOD prevailed and Gracie has an amazing testimony! She is a beautiful girl who loves Jesus with all her heart! Praise God!!

  3. God is so good! What a beautiful testimony!

  4. Once again Jenifer, you're starting my morning with tears in my eyes. :-) Thank you for sharing this deeply personal, and inspiring story with us. God has indeed Blessed you and your family.


  5. Thank you for sharing your story... what an awesome testimony to our God! And what a precious child you have. Your post reminded me of a story that Marilyn Blackaby shared in her book about almost dieing as a young girl. She lived and she recalls her mother saying to her "Marilyn, God has saved your life for a purpose, you must always do whatever he asks of you." It's true for us all whether he's saved us from physical near death or just Spiritual death it is for His purpose and we can not forget! Your little girl is darling by the way :)

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing the story of your families heartbreak and praise. God is good in the bad times and He is good in the good times. When things like that happen its so important to have a relationship with Jesus (like you do) rather than just a religion. Because then when challenging things come along and they always do, we can still praise God through it. Im so glad everything turned out great. Its so hard to trust when somethings wrong with our babies! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too, it really encouraged me... P.S. I love your blog spot (very cute! ;)

  7. This is the first blog of this type i ever seen since being a blogger!..I'm so happy that there are still people like this in this world which is going haywire with more people losing faith :)...This was a really nice post =)...Long live god!hehe

  8. God is so very big isnt He!!?
    Thank you so much for sharing your daughters "His-story". This was such an encouragement to me as we are still in the medical maze and my mumma heart is aching, you gave me the perspective that in time we too we be able to say "years ago, when bub was small...."
    I know my faith is being deepened and I m learning so mmuch about trust and fear and worry, but it does hurt so.
    Thank you for sending in a line!
    Hugs sweet sister & a big xo for your sweet daughter.

  9. Carolyn, it was a long journey but we had to purpose to keep our eyes on Christ. He is our provider and healer. Praying for God healing hands in your sitiuation and for God to give you the strength you need in.

  10. Your testimony to Gods healing power is so piweeful!!Gid is so Good!!


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