Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving List 3

"For everything God created is good and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving..." I Timothy 4:4

Week three of our Thanksgiving list.  To check out my other two lists, please click here and here.  Now, here are ten more things I am thankful to God for.

1) I am thankful for my home.  It is not perfect.  It is not yet (or even close to) paid off.  But it is my home.  It is a place where my family can rest, relax and play.

2) I am thankful for my bed to sleep in at night.

3) I am thankful for a pillow to rest my head on and blankets to cover up when I am cold.

4) I am thankful that I have heat in the winter time to stay warm,

5) I am thankful that I have air conditioning in the summer to stay cool.

6) I am thankful that I have food to nourish my body.  It may not always be exactly what I am wanting but it does fill me.

7) I am thankful that I have water to drink and wash with.

8) I am thankful that I have a home to clean and the physical ability to clean it.

9) I am thankful that God allows me to be a house wife and stay at home mom.

10) I am thankful that God has allowed me to home school my children.

Another ten things I am so thankful for.  Remember to thank God and praise Him for His many blessings.  Comment below with ten things you are thankful for.


  1. You have allot to thank Him for and that is so good. I know at Thanksgiving me and my family as we sit around the table we all would say what we are thankful for. The Lord spoke to me and said instead of you just being thankful at Thanksgiving I want you to have a Thankful Heart all year round.

  2. I am a very blessed person. And like Desiray said, I'm trying to aware of those blessings everyday.

  3. Just found your blog through the Blog Farm - very cute and uplifting!
    God Bless!


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