Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dive In

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

Sometimes, well, a lot of times, it can be hard to determine if what we are hearing is God.  If God does not speak to us in a audible voice, and He doesn't always, then we can be unsure of what God wants.

Recently my husband was praying about something and he thought God gave him the answer.  Then after moving forward, he got some news that made him second guess what he thought he heard from God.  This greatly disturbed him.

We should always seek God on every matter of life.  Where we will live, go to church, our job, how to raise our children, how to spend our money, etc.  But sometimes we are just not sure how God wants us to move.   

Author of What Happens When Women Say Yes To God, Lysa TerKeurst has five questions to ask yourself when you are unsure if you are hearing God or if it is self: 

  1. Does what I'm hearing line up with Scripture?
  2. Is it consistent with God's character?
  3. Is it being confirmed through messages I'm hearing at church or studying in my quiet times?
  4. Is it beyond me?
  5. Would it please God?
I believe that there are times God will give us a definite answer.  He will speak directly to us or speak through someone else to confirm His way.  But I also believe there are times God wants us to step out in faith.  He wants us to dive in.  

In those times you are not clear on what God wants you to do, try using Lysa's five questions.  If what you think you are hearing lines up with scripture, is consistent with God's character, is beyond you and would cause you to exercise your faith and would please God, then dive in!    

Sweet Blessings~

Steven Curtis Chapman - Dive

The long-awaited rains have fallen hard upon the thirsty ground
Have carved their way to where the wild and rushing river can be found
And like the rains I have been carried here to where the river flows, yeah
My heart is racin' and my knees are weak as I walk to the edge
I know there is no turning back once my feet have left the ledge
And in the rush I hear a voice, it's telling me it's time to
Take the leap of faith

So here I go
I'm diving in
I'm going deep
In over my head I wanna be
Caught in the rush
Lost in the flow
In over my head I wanna go
The river's deep
The river's wide
The river's water is alive
So sink or swim
I'm diving in
I'm diving in

There is a supernatural power in this mighty river's flow
It can bring the dead to life, and it can fill an empty soul
And give a heart the only thing worth livin' and worth dyin' for, yeah
But we will never know the awesome power of the grace of God
Until we let ourselves get swept away into this holy flood
So if you'll take my hand, we'll close our eyes and count to three
And take the leap of faith
Come on let's go


  1. I've struggled with that upon occasion as well Jenifer. God talks to us in so many different ways, and sometimes it's very difficult to be sure we're interpreting His Wishes properly. However the closer we Walk to Him and know Him, the more likely we are to find the right answers. Thank you for the post, and have a Blessed Day!

  2. Love this thank you for the reminder!

  3. Thank you for the post. Yes, sometimes it is hard to determine if it is God speaking but like you said, if it lines up with Scripture you know it is God. It is great to be reminded.

  4. Thanks for the insight...I always have a problem knowing if what I am feeling or thinking He wants me to do is REALLY what He wants me to do! I want to be on the right path at all times, but just am not always sure what it is...

  5. Love that book and that song! Those 5 steps have really helped me determine what I should do many times. Great post Jenifer!!


  6. I found your site through Women Living Well. I was here the other day too, but didn't leave a comment. Faith has been on my mind so much today, so it was a great post to read.


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