Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Draw Me Close To You

Yesterday I talked about drawing closer to God.  Today I wanted to touch on that a little more. 

When I first committed to spending time with God every day, it was drag myself out of bed, read a couple if chapters just to check it off the to-do list, then pray a short prayer.  But somewhere over the course of time, I feel in love with Jesus.  At some point I started reading more of God's Word.  I started praying longer.  Then my prayers became more of what can I do for You God, instead of God bless me.  And more recently, my time with God has become sitting in His glorious presence.  Just today I felt to overwhelmed to even speak.  I just cried joyful, sweet tears.  I even started singing praises.  

To draw closer to God we need to rid our lives of the 'junk.'  That junk can be an addiction, an unhealthy relationship, laziness, even money.  Ask God to show you what the junk is and then take it out of your life.  Then spend time in His presence. 

As I was sitting in God's presence today, I didn't want to move or stop.  I wasn't ready to pull out my Bible just yet.  I knew the kids would be waking up soon and I knew I still had to write this blog for today.  So even though time was running out on me, I did not care.  I just wanted to draw closer to God.

"...for it is time to seek the Lord, until He comes and showers righteousness upon you." Hosea 10:12

For some, drawing closer to God may be through digging deeper in His Word.  If that is you, do not just read.  Digest it.  Read the commentary, look up the scriptures that go along with what you are reading.  Do not simply read to read.  For many drawing closer to God is through music.  Then get out your favorite praise and worship cd, turn it up loud, raise your hands and praise Him!  Maybe you draw close to God when you are enjoying His nature.  Take a walk and praise Him.

Yesterday I asked you to pray and ask God to reveal how you can draw closer to Him.  Don't stop.  Again today, pray and ask God to show you what junk is hindering you from coming closer to Him, then remove it from your life.  Then ask God how you can get closer.  Spend time with Him.  Enjoy His presence.  Yesterday my husband was watching a documentary about how monks would mediate many years ago.  Some of the things they did seemed crazy to me.  But like my husband said, "they felt they had to do it to quiet themselves.  As humans we are too loud."  So true.  We do a lot of talking to God, but we also need to listen and just be with Him.  Do whatever it takes to draw closer to God.  

  "Come near to God and He will come near to you." James 4:8
Sweet Blessings~



  1. Amen sister, God wants us to get closer, to dig deeper I love this, thank you for this post!

  2. The Word says that when we seek Him, He will be found. I'm so thankful He is always with us. He desires a close relationship with us even more than we do. He longs for us to draw near to Him. What a mighty God!

  3. Jenifer, I just have to tell you... You rock! I can always count on your postings to encourage, validate and inspire my Walk with God, and I thank you so much for that! I find my communion with God in so many ways; Long quiet walks in Blackbird Forest, writing my "Morning Emails to God" each day, and even just sitting quietly with my Wife. The more I ask Him for ways I can serve, the more complete my life becomes in the process. Thank you so much for this post!

  4. "To draw closer to God we need to rid our lives of the 'junk.'" ...I think He's shown me my "junk", now to do something about it. The process of sanctification can sometimes be painful, but thank God He loves us enough to change us.

  5. I'm kinda afraid in one way to ask God to show me my junk...I may not want to see it! But I know that in order to grow in Him I need to get rid of the things that are holding me down...even if I don't know they are there!

  6. Aliison, I hear ya! Everytime I ask God to show me what I need to rid my life of it is painful. But the pain is short lived becasue it is worth it to be closer to God.

    Hiedi, I have been there too. God has shown me the junk but removing it is a whole other story. But well worth it.

    Phil, thank you for your sweet comments!

    Mandy and Lisa, yes God wants us to be closer! Just like when our babies were little and we loved when they would climb on our laps and snuggle, God loves that too.

    Blessings friends.

  7. That's beautiful, Jenifer. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer, and he describes it much the same way. It's the refiner's fire where life is burnt away around you and all that's left is a complete focus on God.

  8. P.S. I just noticed that I'm the artist that created a lot of your blog elements. Cool! I made the "As for me and my blog" banner, the snippets from the word, and the Joshua 24 scripture tag. I feel so at home here. ;)

  9. I'm jealous. I confess I slept in this morning. What a beautiful picture of your personal intimacy with God. Great post girl!!

  10. Darlene, thanks for stopping by! I love your creations! :) I will keep your dad in prayer.

    Kelli, thank you. I just feel a great need to go deeper with God right now. But there are many mornings I am tempted to sleep in. It is a constant choice for me.

  11. Hey Jenifer,
    I just found your blog through Women Living Well, and I just love what you're writing! It's exactly what I needed to hear...
    You've got a new follower :)


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