Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peace At Christmas

Yesterday we talked about ways to keep Christ as the main point of our Christmas.  Today I wanted to talk about peace.  The holidays are so very hectic.  From early November until the first of January people are running around like crazy!  When my kids were a really small we went to four houses (not including celebrating at home) on Christmas day.  It felt so rushed.  The kids would become tired and cranky from all of the running.  I became tired and cranky from the running.  That is something I do not want ever again.  The holidays are supposed to be a celebration of Christ, not a mad dash to do all, see all, spend all.  I want this Christmas to be peaceful.   

So how can we simplify this busy time?  Here are a few ideas:
  1. Take a moment to make a list of what needs to be done over the holidays.  Then go through the list and prioritize.  Those things towards the bottom of the list, really pray about how important they are.  If it is not something that must get done, scratch it off! 
  2. If you get numerous invitations to Christmas parties, try to limit how many you accept.  It is okay to say no. 
  3. When purchasing gifts, think about limiting the number of gifts you buy per person.  After all, Christmas is not about receiving, it is about Christ.  You can even buy 'family' gifts (such as games, movies passes, gift cards for movies at home and a bag of popcorn, etc) instead of a bunch of individual gifts. 
  4. If you go to more than a couple places on Christmas day, talk to those you celebrate with and see if any of those can be moved to Christmas Eve or even joined together. 
  5. If you send out Christmas cards and include a Christmas letter, think about not doing the letter.  These days we keep up with those we love through facebook and texting, so much of what you would put in a letter, they already know.  By not doing the letter, you save time and money.
  6. If you are a housewife staying at home with the little ones, take an afternoon off!  Light the fireplace, turn the lights down, grab a blanket and snuggle up while watching a Christmas movie.
  7. When baking your Christmas treats, don't be too serious!  Turn up the Christmas music and let the kids help.  It can be a fun time for the whole family.
  8. Through all of the hustle and bustle be sure to have at least one night at home every week. Make that a night to have dinner with your spouse and kids at the dinner table, relax a little, and go to bed early. (this is also important during those busy sports seasons with the kiddos)
I accepted a Peace challenge from Courtney over at Women Living Well.  One of her ideas I really love is buying a large candle and placing it some where in the home where you will walk by it often.  Light it each morning and every time you walk by, stop and pray that God would fill your home with peace and help you to keep your focus on Him.  Check out her blog for some more ideas on having a peaceful Christmas season.

Let's keep Christ at the top of our list and make this season peaceful.  Please comment below with ways you keep the peace at Christmas.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. I am so thankful that our family never had to dash here and there on Christmas day. Christmas Eve was reserved for my husband's side of the family and Christmas Day we did our family thing in the morning and then spend the rest of the day with my side of the family. It was such an easy time. Nowdays, my kids have to go here and there...all on Christmas Day! It stinks because we ALL get cheated out of decent quality time with the ones we love.

    I wish that somehow it could change, but more importantly, I pray that God is the center of what they do and where they go.

    Thank you for your ideas. I love the candle one.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas, they are wonderful ones. I praise the Lord we (Dave and I) have never had this problem. Thanks again and blessings to you and your family.

  3. I want to stop being so busy. I need to say "no" as well! Love this post. God must have us in the same place because we have written about the same stuff all week!;) and today is no exception! I too want to keep Christ not only at the top of my list but the only thing on my distractions-just HIM!

  4. Kelli, I love when that happens. I have a couple of very dear friends that also blog devotions and we all right them days ahead of time and none of us know what the other is writing until it posts. But so many times they are on the same topic. Presented in our own unique style, but the same. I love when God does that! It is such a God thing.

  5. So far my Christmas season has been very peaceful. I don't have a single gift purchased yet, but oh well - someday. :) My son and I made sugar cookies (from scratch) yesterday and we purchased some gifts for a teenager from the Salvation Army Angel tree. It was a good day.

  6. What a wonderful post Jenifer! I think that many people (myself included sometimes) do spend a lot of the Christmas Season rushing around from one place to another desperately trying to make appearances everywhere and still get things done. This year however, we've backed off of quite a few non-essential activities and are trying to focus on family time, and bringing the true spirit and meaning behind this Blessed Season to the children. I love your list in this post, and I'm going to share it with my wife Shannon this evening. Thank you so much for your ideas, and have a Blessed Day!

  7. I've always wanted to do one of those letters, but I never started because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep it up! And, boy is that true, I know it would just be one more thing on my list of things to do. And #7... it is such a blessing to just lighten up and let the kids participate. They might make a mess and not do it quite right, but they love it and it feels so good to just let them be a part of the baking. I love the candle idea!!!
    Blessed day!

  8. I have learned that I can also be BUSY without being FRANTIC. The difference is the attitude. We need to drive efficiencies in our home and get a lot done each day, however, we can do it with joy and calm in our hearts, choosing not to be cranky. I love your reminders about simplifiying to bring peace. If the angel declared, "Peace on Earth" a good place to start applying that peace would be our homes. I'm going to go quietly sew, enjoy my Christmas music, and the peace of a happy heart and home. Great post!

  9. I love that this challenge really helps us to look at what we are doing to take the peace away and help to eliminate what we can.

  10. Great tips- this is an excellent post! Thanks for joining me on the journey to peace during this season! Keep walking with the King!
    Much Love,


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