Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gains and Losses

Recently my husband and I have taken stock, so to speak, of what really matters in life.  We had a vehicle that we could not afford payments on.  We tried buying things and doing things just because it was what seemed right.  We didn't want to be left out.  For so long we tried keeping up with the Jones' as the saying goes.

We started to question, what did those things matter?  They were material things.  They might look good and even make us feel good, for awhile anyway, but were they really important?  The answer was no.

We could have a brand new car, brand new house, name brand clothing, and all the latest in electronic gadgets, but it had no lasting effect.  You can buy a new computer today and by this time next year it will be outdated and new ones will be better.  You can get a new top of the line cell phone, but next month a better one will come out.  You can buy a brand new car every couple of years and be in debt just to ride in style.  These things truly do not matter.

"What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?" Matthew 16:26

Material goods are just that, material.  I do not want to gain the world and lose my soul.  My soul, my relationship with Christ, is of far more value that anything else in this world. 

Material things might make us look good and feel good for a while but that is all.  Christ makes us feel good for eternity.  I would much rather go to Heaven wearing rags and driving a beat up car, than miss out on Heaven but live the life of luxury.  Yes, we must take care of the things God blesses us with but we should not seek to continue to gain anything of material.  One Sunday recently I was wishing I had a nice black coat for church since I was wearing black that day.  But the truth is I already have a red coat and a pink coat.  I do not need a black one.  It is not going to improve my relationship with Christ. It is not going to win others to Christ.

I want to desire to become closer to God not to gain the world.  

Sweet Blessings~



  1. The old saying goes, You can't take it with you when you die. That's so true. Sure, all these things make 'life' seem better according to worldly standards, but they make no difference in eternal matters. I pray that I can keep my focus on what's above and not on keeping up with the world's standards. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. Worldly trinkets are just that...worldly. Instead of keeping up with the Jone's (and I totally know what you mean) I guess we should be doing the opposite because thats what Jesus would do. The Bible says we can't have one foot in the world and one out. It's one or the other. Are we with Jesus or everybody else.

  3. Your post is so true. Why want the material things and miss out on knowing and having a relationship with Jesus? This is what we need. Like you said those things won't get us to heaven where our forever home is. I don't want to miss out on my forever home. Thanks for a really great reminder.

  4. Amen! All that matters is my relationship with God and what we do with the love He has given us. I want to keep my eyes on the eternal.

  5. Oh, I hear you girl, you are so right.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. What a great reminder! Thanks for sharing!

  7. We have also decided that focusing on our relationship with Him and our children is more important than 'having stuff'. If only our family could understand that, we'd be good! I was telling my grandmother the other day about some people that we knew who had just bought a new Land Rover. My husband is also fixing to remodel their kitchen and several other things. She said, "See if Jon had a 'real' job you could have stuff like that too." husband is self-employed as a carpenter and I work part-time as a nurse. We work, but don't feel that we have to keep up with everyone else.
    Kinda touched a nerve in case you couldn't tell :-)

  8. When I think about the passionate emotions that go along with those "keepin' up" purchases I am ill over what is wasted on "things" instead of Him. Great reminders. We are all at the same stage... growing in our families, trying to live for God alone!

  9. We all have gotten caught up in the "wants" in life upon occasion, but as Debi said you can't take it with you. In the end, there's certainly nothing wrong with having a few comforts in this life, but we're far richer if we focus on bringing Glory and Honor to His Gifts.

    Thank you for a wonderful post, and have a Blessed Day!


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