Thursday, March 3, 2011


I woke up this morning with a bad case of the grumps. I have been fighting a cold for several weeks now so I haven't slept well at all and I am tired.  I am coughing so much that my head is hurting.  This cold made me grumpy. As I showered I realized I was out of my my soap therefore having to use my husband's. Now my husband smells very good but I don't want to smell like a man so that made me grumpy.

I spent time with God and felt a little better...until the kids woke up...

Because I've been sick and busy, I have not made it to the store in two weeks (normally I go faithfully every Thursday). I went to make breakfast for myself and the kids and there was nothing except eggs. My kids hate eggs and I didn't feel like fighting with them to eat breakfast so I decided to leave and go through the drive thru for breakfast. My car wouldn't start. This made me more grumpy.

As I was sitting there with my tummy rumbling and my kids fussing about eating their 'yucky' breakfast, God gently nudged me.

"The joy of the LORD is my strength."  Nehemiah 8:10

The Lord is my strength!  I was dreading this day because of all the 'bad' that seemed to be happening.  I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep the day away.  But with God, I don't have to.  He is my strength!  I don't have to face this day alone.  I don't have to keep the grumps.  So, I sat there and prayed for God to take away the grumps and give me joy!

When you are facing a day of grumps, ask God for joy!  Let His joy be your strength to endure whatever you are facing.  He loves us and wants to be there for us.  He wants to shower us with joy (hopefully a little more girly than my hubby's shower wash).

I pray today you have a case of JOY!  God's wonderful joy.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Thank you for this post. It is something that I needed to hear.

  2. I get the grumps and I feel so miserable when I do. God always helps us, if we would just read His Word but sometimes the grumps just seem to get the better of me. Yes, God does want us to have joy but sometimes we are beside ourself and we lose out. I had to laugh as I was reading your post but then thought that sounds a lot like me at times. Have a great day and blessings to you.

  3. I had a day like that yesterday, and I had to apologize to my kids and choose joy! The day went much better after that! Loved this post--thanks for sharing! I pray that you feel better soon!!

  4. Hello dear Jen,
    Aw, I'm sorry you don't feel well, thanks for the reminder that God wants to take away our grumps! And we all have those days, sometimes for no reason at all. God is so sweet to care so intimately about us though, isn't He!?
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  5. You could have plastered my grumpy face on here yesterday! I have been coughing and hacking alot too and it does make a girl REAL grumpy! I started asking myself, how much snot can one person actually have!? Sorry to be crude. But its early and I am still grumpy UNTIL I read this post! You must have written it for me too! Finding joy in the midst of the busy, the crazy, AND the grumpy! Love it!!

  6. Great point! Give Him our grumpy in exchange for His joy! Love that :-)

  7. When we have a case of the grumps, we know the right thing to do is to cry out to Jesus, but sometimes that's so hard to do! But the joy He gives us in return is so worth it! The joy of the Lord IS my strength!

  8. Sorry to hear you had a rough morning Jenifer, but you're absolutely correct; we should wrap ourselves in the Lord's Joy!

    Have a Blessed (and Joyous) Day!

  9. My attitude is HORRIBLE - something God is working on me about, I've learned to pray on it first and am still learning. Learning to keep quiet and pray before speaking. It's a daily battle. Thank you for sharing about your grumpiness :-)

  10. Beautiful reminder that even when life is not going as we think it should God's joy can sustain us. Thank you!

  11. Your testimony is better than preaching. Preaching says: "This is how to overcome this. Your testimony shows (demonstrates) how you overcame this. Talk is cheap. Living out your faith, priceless!


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