Thursday, March 31, 2011

Imitators of Christ

We filed our taxes almost two months ago and have still not received our tax refund.  We were originally told we would have it within a week.  After speaking with the accountant numerous times and calling IRS numerous times, we finally had an answer as to why it was taking so long and when we would get our check back.  However, we were told we may have to wait till the end of April.  Can you hear me sigh?

Every time I called the accountant or IRS I became so frustrated with the run around that by the end of the phone calls I was so frazzled and found myself yelling at these people.  Now I understand the people I was talking to at the IRS really could not control my refund, but just the fact that they had no answers for me really upset me.  I would end my phone call with angry eyebrows (Larry Boy!) and unkind words. 

Dealing with the IRS anytime can be frustrating.  But the bad part is my attitude.  My children witnessed my outrage.  Innocent operators witnessed my outrage.  And worst of all, my attitude did not reflect that of Christ.

"Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5

Our children are watching us.  Our neighbors are watching us.  The world is watching us.  And when we are alone, God is watching us.  Our attitudes should always reflect Christ. 

Before calling this morning for an update, I prayed that God would help me hold my attitude in check despite the out come.  I spent another hour on the phone and received the same answer, but I was able to accept it with a Godly attitude.

So let me ask you, does your attitude today reflect Christ?

Sweet Blessings~


  1. The IRS, the DMV, all these people/organizations have the power...if we let drive us to the brink! I dealt with it earlier this week and now I am dealing with it again today! I understand your frustration. I am glad that God was able to get you through this last phone call with His grace! I suffer from this attitude issue all the time. My husband will say, "Boy, that doesn't say Jesus, now does it?" I hate when he does that. But, I think the reason I hate it so much is because he is right...when I allow the enemy to run my attitude, I am not showing the love of Jesus to those around me or to those whom I am dealing with on the phone or whatever. God and I are working on this! Thanks for this post...while I'm sorry you are going throug this, I am glad I am not the only one! (*smiles*)

  2. Amen sister! Several things in life are for sure, but death and taxes are two of them! Praise God that is not all we have to look forward to though. And may our attitudes show it :-)

  3. Today my attitude reflects Christ, but I know that is not always the case. God is always watching, and I want be pleased.

  4. The key part in all this is that you noticed your attitude was controlling you instead of the other way around. That's half the battle...knowing when you need to pause and recheck your thoughts and words. The IRS is bound to bring out the worst in us but what's so great is your determination to let God bring out your best!

  5. Great reminder Jenifer! I've been on those calls more than once, and it can be very difficult to keep your cool in those situations. May we all have Christ's Voice in our ears when we feel that frustration rise!

    Have a Blessed Day!


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