Monday, March 7, 2011

Marriage Monday

Happy Marriage Monday! 

Last Monday we talked about praying that God would make us the Godly spouse we ought to be.  Today let's talk about praying for our spouse.  Now, first off, I want to say that praying for our spouse should never be used as a magic wand.  "God make my husband romantic, let him bring me flowers each week and write me love poems" or "God make my spouse spend time in prayer with You each day, then time praying with me every night, and lead family devotions every day."  Prayer should never be used as a means to get what we want.

We should most definitely pray for our spouse every single day, but as a way of lifting them up to Christ, not to get our way.  We need to pray that God would draw our mate closer to Him.  "God, help my husband to feel drawn to You in a powerful way.  Help him to desire to become closer to You." 

If your spouse is already spending time with God each day, ask God to deepen their walk.  That they would desire Him above all else.  If your spouse is not spending time with God, pray that God would put that desire in their heart.  I do want to mention that just because you do not actually see them praying or reading the Word does not mean they are not doing it.

As we pray for their walk with the Father, we also need to pray safety for them.  My husband works construction.  He is on the roofs of very tall buildings and climbing high ladders all day.  I constantly pray for his safety.  My sweet sister's husband also works construction.  Three months ago he fell from very high up.  He was hurt and in the hospital for awhile then at home on bed rest.  However, his injuries could have been far worse than they were.  But my friend lifted her husband's safety in prayer and God listened.  God was with him as he fell and saved him from something worse. 

We need to keep our spouse (and if you are not married, your future spouse) in prayer.  Pray for each aspect of their life.  Pray God's hands on them at all times.  Pray God's will be done in their life.    

Sweet Blessings~ 


  1. Thank you for a sweet post. It is a must to pray for a spouse. I haven't prayed for many years asking God to change Papa, I pray for the Lord to change me or show me why he is the way he is but never to change him. There are times I would like to ask the Lord to change him but I pray for his walk with the Lord, safety, and healing. It is amazing how God reveals to us things we ask Him to with a sincere heart. I pray people will follow your suggestions as they are great ones. Hope you are feeling better today and blessins to you. Love you.

  2. Oppps, that should have been blessings not blessins.

  3. My husband is leaving today for work, so I'm praying for his safe travel and for God to be his filter in every decision he makes. Praying for my husband makes me feel closer to God and more in tune with my husbands Spiritual needs. Great post! Blessings!

  4. Very beautiful, thanks Jen, for the reminder. I appreciate it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Thanks for this important post! I like when you said to pray that "God's hands will be on our husbands at all times."

  6. This is a great reminder. I want to always lift my husband up in prayer. Blessings to you!

  7. Good post. Julie at Come Have Peace has a Marriage Monday link up. If interested in looking in to it, it's here:


  8. Wonderful post Jenifer. Many of my prayers each day focus on Shannon. Marriage is a Union Blessed by God, so keeping him "in the loop" by praying for our spouse is an important part of growth as man and wife.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. So glad you linked this up to Marriage Mondays this week. You are so right that prayer for our spouse isn't a "magic wand," and our prayers are so needed and so important. Who better to pray with understanding for a husband than his wife who knows and loves him best?



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