Friday, April 15, 2011


Recently my mom and I started working out together.  We meet twice a week and do a program called Zumba.  It has been great fun and I know a benefit to my body and health.  But I have to admit, I haven't been completely sold out.  I can work out in the morning and I'll snack on cookies in the afternoon or have a few glasses of sweet (very sweet) tea.  One day I even had a chocolate donut on the way to my mom's for our work out. 

By exercising I am getting a great benefit.  However, I am not getting the full benefit because I leave the workout there.  I am not continuing on with my health journey throughout the day.  Yes, I am still getting benefit, but not as much as I could be getting.

It is the same way in our walk with God.  We have our quiet time in the morning.  We pray, read our Bible and sing praises to God.  But are we getting the full benefit if we leave it at that?  If we leave God right there in our secret place and do not take Him and what He taught us that day out in the world with us, then we are not getting the full benefit. 

Though I work out in the morning, I need to eat and drink healthy throughout the day.  Though I spend time with God in the morning, I need to continue an attitude of prayer and worship throughout the day. 

I encourage you to live a life of prayer and worship all day long.  Have a glorious weekend friends!

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Amazing, thank you so much for these wise words. I want to carry my healthy life of exercise and prayer through out the whole day. that's a commitment I hope i can conquer.

  2. Great comparison! We don't get all the benefits of a workout and time spent with the Lord if we don't carry that discipline w/ us through out our days.

  3. Hmmm...I had no idea you had donuts on the way to workout! (*big smiles*)

    Your comparison is awesome. We have begun eating healthier in this past year. Now, I have added the workout...I truly feel and see the benefits. But...have I advanced in my 'spiritual' workout, as well? Guess I need to re-examine a little. Thank you for this reminder to 'carry it through.'

  4. Jenifer, as I was reading your post it was as if we were sitting face to face and you were talking to me. I liked the way you compared the two. I am so glad I have the Holy Spirit to guide me as at times I can completely lose it and He will gently take me to where I should be, with God, and He reminds me of my walk with Him. Does that make sense? Love you and blessings.

  5. This is definitely something that I need to work on. I love this analogy. I want the full benefit of God's power and strength throughout the day. Great post!

  6. Wonderful analogy Jenifer. I find so much comfort and strength in keeping God in my focus throughout the day. Quiet prayer and contemplation helps keep me balanced and reminds me who's actually in control of things!

    Have a Blessed Weekend!

  7. I hear ya! I keep seeing people are doing Zumba. I think I need to try it!


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