Friday, May 27, 2011

Where He Goes...

The other day I mentioned that we went to visit my grandparents church this past Sunday.  Today I wanted to share something else the preacher mentioned in his message. 

The preacher has a dog, a lab I believe he said, named Kaydee.  Well, sweet Kaydee would follow her master around everywhere.  He said every move he made, she followed.  This made me think of my own dog, Buddy.  Buddy likes to stay at my feet at all times.  When I sit at my computer desk, he is under the desk laying on my feet.  When I am at the kitchen or dining table he is right next to my feet.  When I sit on the couch, he either whines to come up and sit right next to me or sits at my feet.  He is always there.  Buddy and Kaydee follow their masters.  When we go to the left, they go left.  When we go to the right, we go right. 

This is how we should be with God.  When He moves, we move.  I want to go where God leads.  I want to follow where ever He goes.  There may be times that following Him may make me uncomfortable, even fearful, but I want to obey.  I can put my trust in Him knowing that He will never do anything to harm me.  He will never leave my side.  

There is a song that I love, one of my many many favorites, that says:

 If He goes to the left then we'll go to the left
And if He goes to the right then we'll go to the right
We're going to jump jump jump jump in the river
Jump jump jump jump, everybody
If He goes to the left then we'll go to the left
And if He goes to the right then we'll go to the right
We're going to dance dance, dance dance in the river
Dance dance, dance dance, everybody
If He goes to the left then we'll go to the left
And if He goes to the left then we'll go to the right
We're going to shout shout shout shout in the river
Shout shout shout shout in the river, everybody

When God moves, let's move with Him.  Let's learn to say yes to what ever He asks of us and where ever He leads us. 

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Amen Jenifer! This reminded me of a song as well; Chris Tomlin - I Will Follow...

    "Where you go, I'll go
    Where you stay, I'll stay
    When you move, I'll move
    I will follow you
    Who you love, I'll love
    How you serve I'll serve
    If this life I lose, I will follow you
    I will follow you

    Great message going into the weekend!

    Have a Blessed Weekend!

  2. Phil, I love that song as well. I had also thought of two others (can't think of them now of course, lol) that go with this idea. Deep Cries Out is one of my faves right now. I listen to this cd several times a day. :)

  3. I love your post. I remember Buddy, wherever Papa went he would jump up and follow just bobbin' that head of his. Tinker Bell is starting to follow also. Yes, I want to follow Jesus no matter where He goes, I know He will protect me. I like the song Phil mentioned, yes, I will follow. Phil is right, a great post going into the weekend. I will follow you Jesus, wherever you take me. My goodness, your post has really got me going. Blessings to you and thanks for a GREAT post. Love you.

  4. I love that song and such power filled words to end the week with. Blessings to you Jenifer.

  5. As I was reading your words, I was thinking of the song Deep Cries Out, and of course you used that song. :)
    I want to live my life this way - where He goes, I go. Great post! Have a blessed holiday weekend, Jenifer.


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