Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Want To Live By Andy Griffith

How was your holiday?  I pray you had a wonderful weekend!  We spent the day with the family grilling, swimming and just having fun.  Then later we took our kids to Fort Leavenworth for a great firework display.  It was an incredible weekend.

As we were leaving the Fort last night, I told my husband how much I loved the Fort.  It is always so clean and pretty.  The lake and parks are always well manicured.  Everything you could need is at the Fort and most of it in walking distance.  The military families there never have to leave base if they don't want to.  Everything is right there.  It is a great community.  And, oh, the history!  I love it!  Now don't get me wrong, I know that military bases can have their fair share of problems.  But it really seems like a close knit community.  Everyone there has a common purpose.

As we continued our drive home I thought about where I live.  Most people take care of their lawns, but not all.  I am not within walking distance of anything except a small park.  And I do not know my neighbors at all. 

I can't change how my neighbors care for their property.  I can't move stores and such closer to me.  But I can change my relationship, or lack thereof, with my neighbors.  I can make our community a little better.  


My actions.  My attitude.  My prayers.

I can wave at my neighbors.  Do random acts of kindness for them.  Hold them in prayer.  Or stop by and say hi when they are outside.  

I have always envied the Andy Griffith or Leave It To Beaver way of life when it comes to community.  But I don't have to because if I try, I can have it too.  

I want to challenge you.  Whether you know your neighbors or not.  This week make a special point to make a connection with one neighbor you do not know.  Take baked goods over and just say hi or invite them over for coffee or help with their lawn.  Do something to connect with them.  And always smile and wave as you are walking or driving by.   

Have a wonderful week friends!

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Hi Jenifer - challenge accepted! Oops, what have I got myself into? Will give feedback by this time next week.
    God bless

  2. Now I'm whistling the theme song to Andy Griffith. :) I didn't get to know my neighbors until we had a hurricane hit us a few years ago. It's amazing how a common event will bring people together. I try to stop and talk now every time I see a neighbor out front and I am walking by.

  3. This follows the "you reap what you sow" principle. But we are also working for the Kingdom when we share love with those around us. Great challenge!

  4. What a wonderful reminder and challenge to start off the week Jenifer. Reaching out in compassion to those around us is something we should all do more often.

    So glad you and your family had a good holiday!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. I laughed when I saw your title, we were talking about the Andy Griffith show at work today (the episode with Aunt Bea's kerosine pickles?)
    Isn't ironic how we can go miles out of our way (1500 for me this past week)to help a stanger, but you have to drag us kicking and screaming to do something for our own neighbor?

  6. Very good idea Jenifer. In todays society most people in the cities do not know their neighbors.


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