Friday, July 29, 2011

Please pardon the mess as we are making some changes to the site.  Exciting things to come Monday, be sure to come back!!

This summer seems to have flown right by.  Now, I know we are not yet into August, but school is starting in less than two weeks.  I feel like the kids and I have not gotten much done this summer.  We have only been to the pool a handful of times, didn't make it to summer story time at the library at all, and haven't been to the zoo yet.  And all of my "organization projects" I wanted to do this summer, well, yea, I haven't touched them!  I really just feel like this summer has been a failure.

Then I stopped to realize, it hasn't.  No, we didn't do some of the things we normally do.  No, we were poolside five days a week.  But I set out to make this summer a spiritual one.  If nothing else happened, I wanted to be be closer to God.  Even with my goals for a spiritual summer, I did not accomplish everything.  But I did accomplish more than I set out to.  I started taking walks/jogs in the morning for extra quiet time with God.  My daughters started having a  regular quiet time of their own.  One of my girls even started journaling her prayers!  And I am ahead in my Bible reading.  Not every day has been all roses and praises, but I do feel closer to God today than I did at the start of summer.

I think I will put our zoo trip on hold till fall (it's too hot anyway).  We will head to the library when school starts.  And we can hit the pool a few more times before it closes down for the summer.  But my relationship with God can never wait.  I don't want to be lackadaisical with something so eternal.

How are you doing with your spiritual summer?  Summer is not over yet!  If you have not reached your goals, keep pressing on, you can do it!  If you did not set goals, go ahead, you still have time left.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Good morning to you! Those spiritual goals are so much more important!!

    The zoo will be better in the fall! Here it's so hot the animals really don't come out much.

  2. I LOVE your new look!!!! great post, I have started something new with my spiritual summer it's still a work in progress but every day God is around us and I'm realizing that more and more :)

  3. I love the makeover that you've given your blog, very pretty!
    I am having a wonderful summer. I don't have kids at home, so I have not been focused on anybody besides my husband and myself. But I have been praying every morning and reading my bible faithfully, and enjoying it all. I think I may do a small prayer retreat one day soon, too. I'll tell you about it when I do it.
    Enjoy today, sweet lady!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. This looks like a Traci design ;) LOVE the new look! You are so right, everything can wait except our relationship with God. I feel closer to Him now than I did a month ago, so it has been a good summer - heatwave and all. lol

  5. @Cindy, a prayer retreat sounds so wonderful. I really feel God calling me to do this.

    @Lisa, yep, Traci designed! :) I've wanted to use her for awhile and was so glad she could do it for the one year before the baby came!

  6. Hi Jenifer - Love the new look. Your post felt kind of gentle and calming. I love that you spent your summer focusing on God. I should do more of that - its what matters after all.
    Have an awesome weekend
    God bless
    ps: when you see your daughters having quiet times, don't you just glow inside?

  7. @Traci, I just love it! It does make me feel so good to know they are spending time with God. We were out of town over the weekend for a family reunion. Long driving, lots of activities and we were all exhausted. As soon as we got home on Sunday, my kids went to VBS (not sure how they had any more energy to go!). When they got home, it was after bedtime and like I said, a very busy weekend, yet my girls said they would not miss their quiet time. They did it anyway. So incredible!!

  8. Hello,

    It sounds like a wonderful summer, indeed! Any time that you are able to draw closer to the Lord, is a good time! The fact that your children are also drawing nigh unto God, is a beautiful thing! Hopefully, these habits will continue far beyond summertime!

    May God bless you, and your family! By the way, you have a very nice blog.


  9. Love the new look, Jenifer.I also love how your children are depending their relationship with the Lord. That's huge!

  10. Paulette, thank you and welcome to Sweet Blessings! Nice to meet you!


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