Thursday, July 21, 2011

Word Wise

You see a stranger and feel God leading you to minister to them.

A friend asks for advice on something they are struggling with.

A relative is having a hard time and you desire to witness to them.

At some point you will be in a situation to minister to someone.  God leads us to these divine appointments often.  But what do we say?  How do we pray?  What scriptures do we give them?

This is where it is important to be Word wise.  We need to know the Word so that we can use it to minister to others.  How do we become Word wise?  Read the scriptures daily.  Have a set reading plan.  Just last night in Bible study, we discussed this.  It is okay to use the flip method, where you just flip the Bible open and read where it lands.  That is okay, sometimes.  But we need to have a set reading plan in place.  It helps us stay on task and make through the entire Bible.  We can also memorize scripture.  Set a plan of memorizing one verse a week or one chapter a month.  Whatever you can do, plan for it.  The more we read the scripture and memorize it, the more we become Word wise.

When God leads me to minister to someone, I want to be ready.  Decide what you need to do to become a Word wise Christian!

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Definitely! I want to be ready and to actually know what is in the Bible. In Sunday School we are talking about things we THINK are in the Bible and things that aren't. We need to know what we are talking about. That's why I'm doing the Bible in 90 days... then I'm going to bo back and research the notes I've made. Great reminder

  2. Jenifer,

    God is really using you ladies over here at Women to Women to speak this girl, I was just over at Mandy's blog and and her words hit me right in the chest, and then I pop over here, I have really been feeling to tug to sit down and write out scripture, I don't memorize things very well, so if I want to remember something I have to write it down and I have been feeling a really strong pull to sit down, write out and memorize more scripture.

    Blessings to you Jenifer.

  3. It is hard for me to memorize Scripture but I do remember when I read something I just don't remember it word for word. I wish I could remember like you and your Mom does. I really have to work hard to be able to memorize but it is so worth it. God gave us His Word for a reason not just to say I have read through the Bible which is good but to memorize Scripture so we can use it is great.

    Blessings to you, Jenifer.

  4. Hi Jenifer - lovely post. I also want to know the word far better than I do. I'm not good at the whole memorize thing but have been trying to add a scripture every week.

    God is good though because if we do this and sometime down the road we need that scripture, He will bring it to the fore.
    God bless

  5. The Bible says that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. That means that scripture can't come out of us if it isn't put in. I want to be ready to share, so I need to be filled up. Great post!

  6. I want to be Word Wise and filled up because nothing can be me it has to be All God! Great Post!

  7. Your post to day was one to ponder and do. I do read the scriptures daily and it gives me so much strength for the day. I do think we need to be prepared to lift someone with the word.
    I also have enjoyed memorizing scriptures.
    Thanks for your thoughts and blessings to you!

  8. Amen Jenifer!

    By reading and praying on what we read in Scripture we'll have the tools we need to be an effective witness when called to do so.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. I have to be intentional in my reading, have a plan, and stick to it!


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