Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Am I Humble Or Did I Fumble?

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I have been reading in Daniel the past few days.  I love Daniel.  Daniel is a man that stood up time and time again for what was right.  He didn't bow down to what others were doing or rules that went against God.  Daniel was a steady man. 

From the beginning Daniel prayed for understanding and to humble himself before God.  It tells us in Daniel 10:12 that Heaven heard his prayer. 

Have you ever prayed that God would give you understanding and humble you?  I want to be humble before God.  Earlier in the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar thought of himself pretty highly.  He was a very proud man.  God had to bring him down a notch.  Nebuchadnezzar was sent into the wilderness and his mindset became that of an animal.  He grazed on the grass as a cow.  (You can read this in Daniel 4)  After a time passed, he looked up to Heaven and realized it was all God's.  That God was good.  That God was holy and mighty, not himself, and his sanity returned. 

I never want to be so full of myself that God has to take drastic measures to knock me off a pedestal.  I want to be humble.  There is a song from years back that says, "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean."  God is mighty, without Him, we are nothing.  Without God I can not blog.  Without Him I can not minister in my church.  Without Him I am a selfish wife.  Without Him I am not a loving mother.  Without Him I am not a friend.  Without God I am nothing.

Father, make me humble before You.  Help me to always see that You are strong and mighty and without You I am nothing.  Amen. 

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. So true! thanks for sharing! the "selfish wife" part hit home with me! As we adjust to life with my husband on third, it has been so tempting for me to be selfish with my time that I would usually have with him here to help with kids, and just...be here! He's still working one me, and I thank Him for that! Father, teach me true humility!

  2. Ok, did God tell you to write the "selfish wife" part just for me? I have to admit that yesterday I fumbled, but I want to live humbled before my God. May I always bend my knee before Him so I don't have to have it bent for me.

  3. Hi Jenifer - lovely post. I want to be humble before the Lord. I do not want to be taken down a peg or 2. Your last paragraph is so on target. Without God we are nothing.
    God bless

  4. Without Him we are truly nothing! But at times we do fumble but I believe when we fumble it humbles us...so I will learn my lessons from the fumbles to humble myself more so...Jesus humbled himself and we should as well but at times we don't because we view being humble as weak..oh if we knew how much power is in being humble we would do it more..amen

  5. I'm the selfish wife too sighs. Thank God for mercy. Learning to be humble and offer grace are two very hard lessons. Great post thank you :)

  6. So beautiful and true. Believe me, it's not a fun thing to have something like that happen to you.
    :( We need to humble ourselves now, before that happens.

  7. I agree completely... without God I am nothing. I often say... I'd be divorced if it weren't for God. Because He shows me how to be the wife He called me to be... alone I would've done things differently and it never would have worked. Great post!

  8. Amen! I don't want Him to have to humble me either. I want to stay in a position of humility and know my place...without Him I am nothing, with Him, I am everything!

  9. It's always been a fascinating truth to me Jenifer, that as we humble ourselves before God, we gain access to His comfort, strength and peace. Such a wonderful contradiction!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  10. I agree, I am nothing without Him. I love those lyrics you posted too..."I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean." It is so necessary to remember who we are in relation to Him.

  11. With out God we are all in bad shape! Each and every time I took my eyes off of Him my world unravels. I need Him in my everything too! Thanks for this post and the reminder!


  12. Thanks for your post. It is truly all about Him. It seems that when I lose sight of that and put myself first, that's when the problems start. What joy there is to be found in surrendering ourselves to God!



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