Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Does It Matter

Sunday during our dialog time of service, my husband asked this question:

Why should a Christian going to Heaven concern themselves with growing as a Christian?

If we ask God to forgive our sins, if we are saved, if we know we are going to Heaven, why should we "bother" with trying to grow in Christ?  Why should we read our Bible, pray, go to church, try to grow?  Why do these things matter?

My husband mentioned that he was watching a movie, well I was watching a chick flick and he happened to walk in, and in this movie the man was mid thirties and still lived at home with his parents.  His mom did all of his cooking and cleaning and cared for him as if he were still five.  This man could never live life to the fullest or grow because he was living as a child. 

We are very similar.  If we are not exercising our faith, reading the Word, praying, worshiping and growing, then we will never live our Christian life to the fullest.  Becoming saved is just the starting point.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to just be saved.  I don't want to go through life barely skimming by.  I want to dig deeper, go farther, and live my Christian life to the fullest.  I want to experience God each and every day.  Just being saved isn't enough.  I want to grow in Him.  Today I challenge you, think about that question and decide, is just the knowledge of being saved enough for you or do you want to live a life full of God?    

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Amen sister, I don't want to just be saved either. I want to live my Christian life to the absolute fullest doing everything that God wants for me. Great post and great question!

  2. Great points, Jenifer. And the Bible tells us that what we do in this life is preparing us for our real life in Heaven. If we are faithful here, we will be given more there. I want to live my life to the fullest, walking with Jesus everyday!

  3. Continuing my salvation experience is getting to know my savior! I am not content to just know that I'm going to heaven, I want to KNOW the one who has prepared heaven for me! Once I start learn and "know" his characteristics, I can't help but love on Him each and everyday and desire to be like Him! Great post!

  4. I do not want to just be saved... I want to live a life full of God! Amen!

  5. AMEN! Sis I never want to just be saved for the sake of being saved and not doing anything. but sadly the mentality of some Christians today are just wanting to be saved and nothing else..to me that is poor and sad...God never meant for us to just be saved He expects us to do work...only thing we can do is pray that God will mercy on their souls. for they surely are going to give an account as to why.

  6. So true, we would miss out on SO MUCH God has to offer us if we simply stopped growing after being saved.

  7. WOW! I totally agree girl!:) I love this "I don't know about you, but I don't want to just be saved. I don't want to go through life barely skimming by. I want to dig deeper, go farther, and live my Christian life to the fullest." YEs, Yes!

  8. Hi Jenifer - I agree with you. i have felt that I have not been digging deep enough and thats exactly what I want to do. Scary but so rewarding.
    Great post
    God bless

  9. I want to go to Heaven radically changed and having experienced all the blessings of serving, growing and becoming like Him. I would never want to settle for less.

  10. Being saved is just the tip of the iceberg...there is so much more to it than the salvation part. He has given us all things for Godliness. He has made us holy and righteous, just as He is. How could we not want to know more about this God who loves us so much?

  11. Amen Jenifer! Being a Christian is an active pursuit, not a passive one. The closer we walk to Christ's footsteps, the more God's plan for our lives is revealed.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  12. I have to agree with what you said at the end and what everyone else has said. Not growing in God would be like getting married and then never developing that love relationship with any further with your spouse and never learning anymore about them, you might grow apart at that point and I truly think that is why so many Christians don't go far in their walk with God. They have never developed the deep love relationship with Jesus and so it is too easy to grow apart from Him and forget him. I don't want to do that. I want to grow more in love with my Savior every day!
    Great topic, btw!
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. So convicting, Jennifer -- what a wonderful message you are sharing here! And oh, I just love your place -- you have a beautiful blog. Thank you for linking up to Graceful!

  14. Fantastic post Jenifer! I think so many people call themselves Christians but miss the point of what it is all about, it is not just about believing in God, or going to church, or just being a good person. Jesus is my lifeline, I can't do this this life without Him and I don't want to.


  15. Excellent challenge, Jenifer. Yes, believing in Jesus' death on the cross to forgive my sins is what saves me, but I want my whole life to be a thank you to Him for dying for me. Thanks for your thoughts!
    Pam at www.2encourage.blogspot.com

  16. For sure I want to grow constantly in Him. To know Him more gives my life purpose and intention.

  17. "I want to experience God each and every day." Yes! It's that desire to know Him that propels me forward in faith. Thanks for sharing!


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