Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Blessings

Today I am posting a Marriage Monday over at Woman to Woman.  We are getting downright personal!  Join us!

Last week was a bit of a rough week for me.  So much happened and I felt so lost.  But my husband and sweet sister reminded me of God's unfailing love and the fact that He never leaves our side.  So dear friends, I want to remind you.  Whatever you are facing today, turn it over to God.  He is there.  He is simply waiting for you to reach out to Him.  No problem is too big or too small for Him.  Turn to Him.

Since last week was so rough for me, I am counting my blessings today!  God is so good and always faithful.
  1. The fact that God never leaves my side no matter what I am facing.
  2. A sweet card from my husband reminding me that he loves me, that we always have each other and our children and that we will always be okay as long as we keep our eyes focused on God.  
  3. Encouraging words from my sweet sister that helped me through a tough time.
  4. An unexpected blessing in a time of need.
  5. A lovely service at church with our children's ministry.
  6. A fun filled family time at the pumpkin patch.
  7. Celebrating birthdays with family.
  8. A job for my husband to go to this week.
  9. WiFi connections.
  10. Another unexpected blessing that is allowing my older children to go to youth convention.
  11. Time with the little kids while the big kids will be away.
Sweet Blessings~

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  1. It seems like you are very blessed :)
    Hang in there, just trust Him!

  2. Wonderful list today, Jenifer. God's love never fails - amen! Love your pictures too! :)

  3. So great that you recognize how to handle the rough spots - with a grateful heart. I need to get back to my count, too....

  4. thanks for being honest and sharing your gratitude:)

  5. Great list! So much to be thankful for :)

  6. Sorry you had a rough week, but what a wonderful list of reminders. God truly is there in the midst of it all.

  7. I'm so sorry you had a rough week Jenifer! You're blessings are abundant... love your list :) I hope this week is looking up... I will be whispering prayers for you my friend! Blessings!

  8. Beautiful list sister! I love your photos too!!:) Happy Halloween!!

  9. Hi Jenifer - the perfect thing to do when things seem to be out of wack - start to count your blessings. Great encouragement
    God bless

  10. Amen Jenifer, and well said! Starting the week by counting our Blessings is always a great way to get off on the right foot!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  11. So sorry to hear that you had a difficult week, life can throw some unexpected curves. But, that is life. They come to test our faith and to challenge us.
    My husband has taught us to say "God is good to me and He is good to me all of the time." No matter what comes or goes, it is true.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  12. Those unexpected blessings in times of need -- it's like the hand of God reaches down. so thankful you were blessed.


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