Thursday, October 6, 2011

Father vs Young Men

I am studying the book of 1 John and learning something new everyday.  Several times in 1 John, as John is writing he addresses the people as "father" and "young men."  Up to this point, I had always assumed he was actually talking to fathers and young men.  I am not one to question things.  Kind of a go with the flow girl.

But as I studied it this week, I learned that John meant father as the mature Christian and young men as the newer believer.  He says that the fathers, mature believers, know God or yada Him in an intimate way.  Then he says that the young men or new believers are strong and have overcome the evil one.  

Don't all Christians know God?  Don't all Christians overcome the evil one?  

Think back to when you were first saved.  Likely you were passionate.  Eager to learn more about God.  Quick to read and study scripture.  Excited and on fire and ready to tell the world!  But as the years go by, the fire dies just a little bit.  That is not saying you don't love God anymore, your fire is just not as strong. 

Think back to when you first met your spouse.  You were young and in love.  Couldn't wait to talk to her on the phone.  Couldn't wait to get his love notes.  Hated to leave each other's side.  You had butterflies and wanted to tell the world of your new love.  But after being married for many years it is different.  You still love your spouse.  But you are more settled, more comfortable.

Our desire should be to become a father, or mature Christian, and to stay a young man, or new believer.  We need to come to that intimate place with God.  We need to become mature in our faith.  But we still need to stay young, strong and on fire for Him.

Are you a new believer learning more about God right now?  Keep your passion!  Fan the flames and let them burn as you get to know God on a more intimate level.  Have you been a Christian for a long time and feel your fire has died just a little?  Think back to what you were doing when you were first saved.  Were you in the Word more?  Witnessed more?  Prayed more?  Do those things again.  Get deeper with God.  Just because you have had this relationship with Him for so long does mean you have to become complacent.  Get on fire and burn with passion!

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. I want to grow in my walk with God and in my passion for Him. Love this, Jenifer!

  2. Hi Jenifer - this is great, a great call to getting your passion for Christ burning again
    God bless

  3. Well written Jenifer! I think we grieve Him when we come to a place of complacency...He has so much more for us if we'd just get in there and stay on fire for Him!

  4. Wonderful post Jenifer!

    Like everything in our lives, we go through an initial "Honeymoon" phase where it's all fresh, exciting and new. As time goes on, it's often the case that the excitement diminishes a bit, and we settle into more of a routine. What I've come to learn in both my marriage, and my faith, is that there's always ways we can keep the fire lit, and bring that newness back. It's different for everyone what works best, but finding that "prompt" to keep it fresh is important, and extremely satisfying as well.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. This is a perfect point "We need to come to that intimate place with God. We need to become mature in our faith. But we still need to stay young, strong and on fire for Him." So true!!:)

  6. Wonderful post - a great reminder of how important it is for us to commit ourselves to daily renewal. It's so easy to cut corners or to take God for granted. We must diligently surrender our lives to Him.

  7. Great post! Such a great reminder that we need to stay passionate about our relationship with Christ. Sometimes I think God allows things to happen in my life to remind me!
    Blessings friend,

  8. "Our desire should be to become a father, or mature Christian, and to stay a young man, or new believer." I am reminded of a song, its title which evades me right now...but speaks directly to that - something like "light the fire again" or "rekindle" the passion...I know I am in constant need of a renewed passion for Him!

  9. Such a great reminder! I want to "grow up" in God, but may I never forget to exercise the fervor from the days of my "youth".

  10. Great post, Jenifer. Maturing in Christ, yet keeping the fervor we had as new Christians. This should be the desire of us all.


  11. You are so right, a combination would be the perfect place to be with God, staid and mature, yet still passionate about our God.
    You are such a good writer, Jenifer, I always enjoy reading your writings.
    Hugs, Cindy


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