Monday, October 3, 2011

Time Management

We live in a busy world. Between household duties, homework, yard work, grocery shopping, running kids from here to there, church events and much more, our calendars are full. Many nights we fall into bed completely exhausted then wake up and do it all over again. Where does this leave our marriage? Often, too busy for our spouse.

How can we be better manage our time?

Join me over at Woman to Woman Ministries for ways to be a good steward of our time.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Hi Jenifer - so many things to do, so little time. But if you start the day with Jesus, somehow, just somehow, it all gets done.
    God bless

  2. Great post on W2W... hope you're having a wonderful Monday :)

  3. One of the things Shannon and I work very diligently at is ensuring we have at least some time at the end of each day to spend quietly together. Even if it's as simple as curling up together and watching TV, we try to keep that connection established and maintained before going to sleep.

    Have a Blessed Day!


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