Thursday, January 19, 2012

Restored Joy

Most kids, or maybe just mine, are often careless and disorganized with their belongings.  However, one of my kids is the opposite.  

She always takes good care of her things and is fairly organized.  She has a method, a routine and sticks to it.  When she is in the middle of a chore, such as feeding the dogs, she goes step by step with her process and does not like to be thrown off.

My daughter loves to read, she has a wonderful imagination and is a complete princess.  But she also loves to play her video game.  She has a Nintendo DS and plays for a little bit each day, as well as every time she is in the car.  Her game system is something she takes very good care of.  Last night she accidentally broke it.  She was completely heart broken and cried hard.

As soon as we got home from church she went in to her bedroom, grabbed her Bible and started to read and pray.  Her tears dried very quickly.  Her frown was replaced with a bright smile.  She forgot about a broken game and just delighted in the presence of God.

A lesson learned.

How often do things happen to us and all we do is mope around or get angry?  What we should be doing is grabbing our Bible and spending time delighting in the presence of God.  Yelling, throwing, slamming doors, whining, gossiping, these things do not restore our joy, God does.

When things fall apart around you, let God restore your joy.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. This post broke my heart and healed it all within just a few words of each other. What a beautiful story, and what a sweet girl

    Any chance of getting the game fixed? Or maybe getting a new one?

  2. I was the same. My heart cried with her last night, then my heart was full of joy as I watched her praise God. Such an incredible thing.

    The game cannot be fixed. She is hoping that for her birthday in a few months she will be able to replace it.

  3. What a great illustration of the power of God's Word. I'm so glad Grace found comfort in the presence of God.

  4. Wow! I do not think my son would act that way if his DS broke. You have been doing a good job raising your kids to love the Lord.

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