Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blurry Vision

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For twenty years I dealt with bad eyesight that worsened a little each year.  Then a few years ago I was so blessed to be able to undergo lasik eye surgery.  I still remember the first time I went swimming after the surgery!  I could see underwater!  It was incredible.

Since the surgery I have been able to see clearly what I could never see before. Most of the time.  You see, on occasion, mostly if the barometric pressure outside changes, my eyes become blurry.  Not like they were for twenty years, but just blurry enough to cause me problems when I go to read or look at something in detail.

Tonight I was driving home and my eyes were blurry. {I promise, we were safe, I would absolutely not drive if they were too blurry to see to drive.}  I had trouble seeing some of the street signs.  I was thinking of how wonderful it was that I have been able to see so well for the past few years and how sometimes my eyes just cloud over.

God gently nudged me.

Sin is the same way.  When we have our focus completely on Jesus, it is like our vision is clear.  But then the barometric pressure changes -sin comes in- and our vision becomes cloudy.  We can't see Jesus clearly anymore.  It becomes hard to focus on Him, it becomes difficult to praise Him.  We can become fearful, just like being unable to see makes me fearful.  Sin clouds our vision.

I lived for too long being unable to see with my two blue eyes and I lived for too long being unable to clearly see Jesus.  I cannot do anything about the barometric pressure, but I can do something about the sin.  I can repent of past sin and turn away from it.  I can live a life pleasing to God.  I can keep my focus on Him.  I can praise Him and read His Word.  I never want sin to block me from Jesus again.

Is sin clouding your vision to Jesus?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Great analogy, Jenifer. So thankful He is the cure!

  2. I think I have been seeing a theme in blog posts... and I think it's the ones God is steering me toward. Very much appreciated, Jen :)

  3. A great analogy, Jenifer. Fixing our eyes on Jesus is the best thing we can do to have better vision.

    My eyesight started declining a few years ago and now I have to wear reading glasses. Bummer. But when I want to read, I see it as I "get" to wear glasses. So thankful for clear vision. :-)

    Glad we're in the same group at SDG. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  4. Lisa, that is a wonderful way to look at it, I "get" to wear glasses. Sometimes we want the ultimate healing or fix, but there are times God offers other ways. Instead of perfect vision, He offers glasses to help us read.

  5. Kelly, girl, I think God does that to me often as well. If I am dealing with something, everywhere I turn I see a blog post or something. :) He will always get our attention!

  6. What you have written here is so true. Focused on Jesus, everything in life is so much clearer. Turned away from him, however, things get blurry and difficult to comprehend. Good analogy!

  7. Fantastic analogy! I love that God allows us to use everyday things to see Him clearly!!

  8. What a great illustration. Thanks for that. Just coming over to say "howdy"! I'm in your new SDG group. Looking forward to knowing you better.

  9. This is a great analogy... wow! I pray that I will have inner eyes of faith that see beyond the temporal things of this world to see God, and all He has... I pray this for you too...

    Blessings to you...


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