Friday, April 6, 2012

Sunday Morning People

Growing up in a Christian family and in the church, I always thought I was a Christian.  But a few years ago, God revealed to me that I was living the life of a Sunday morning Christian.  I was a 'good' person.  I went to church.  I didn't lie, cheat or steal.

But something was missing...

I dusted the Bible off on Sunday morning and carried it to church, then came home and stuck it back on the shelf.  I prayed before we ate and a quick bedtime prayer before bed with the kids.  But I didn't really talk with God.

Today being Good Friday, I think about all of the beatings, the sacrifice of love that Jesus did for me.  When I think of this, how can I live the life of a Sunday morning Christian?  How can I not be completely in love with Jesus?  How can I not praise Him every single day?

I never want to be a Sunday Morning Christian!  I want to praise Him every moment!  I want to live passionately for Him!  Praise God for all He has done for me!  Praise Him for who He is!

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Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Me too!!!
    Happy Easter Jenifer!

  2. Love that Jenifer. I was a Sunday Morning Christian for a long time too. I hope I am not that same person now.

    BTW, such a great interview.

  3. oh jenifer, i am rejoicing with you at God's goodness to you to open your eyes to His wonderful, powerful truth! i, too, grew up pretty much a sunday morning christian. and since i began to truly walk with Him, talk with Him, & die to self so that He might live through me, i see the world so, so differently. i see HIM so differently! and all for the better for sure -- for His glory, & for my good.

    easter blessings to you & yours,

    p.s. delighted to be your new neighbor at beholding glory's faith-filled friday link up! :)

  4. Beautifully done! You did such a good job! I loved hearing you speak!

  5. Kelly and Shari, thank you for your sweet words!

    Tanya, thanks for stopping by! So nice to "meet" you!

    Happy Easter friends!

  6. AMEN! What a beautiful revelation to have. I've been there. Not sure how I got there but I was there for awhile - a rather scary revelation when it hit me.

    Have a wonderful Easter!


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