Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take My Life

Take my life
Take my mind
Take my soul
Take my will
Cause I am Yours
I give it all to You

These lyrics are from my favorite song right now, Take My Life, and are my prayer.  I want God to take all of me.  I give all I am to Him.  I am His.  I want Him to mold me and make me what He wants.  I want Him to direct my path and guide me.

Are you ready to give all of you to God?

Sweet Blessings~
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  1. Great reminder... I want to give Him all of me...

  2. I so love Jeremy Camp's music. I've seen him in concert several times. He has such a powerful ministry. Great song!

  3. That's my desire to! All for Jesus! I love this song. Hymns are my favorite.

  4. Beautiful! I do want Him to have all of me.



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