Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy God & Summer Nights

Please join me at Woman to Woman as we continue with The Love Dare.

Father's Day is always such a lovely day. God has greatly blessed me with such wonderful men in my life and I am so thankful to have a day to focus on them.  Whether you had a father involved in your life or not, you always have our Father God.  He loves you and He is there for you.  He is a loving Father who will never leave your side.  He will pick you up when you are down, smile with you in joyful times, and give you gentle correction when needed.  Have you thanked God for being your Heavenly Father?

Continuing to count my blessings in 2012: 

371. Daddy God.

372. My husband who is an excellent and involved daddy to our children.  He works hard but is never too tired for our children.

373. My Dad who is the best daddy for me.  He is always there to love and support and give a Godly example.

374. My Papa who is one of the strongest men, physically and spiritually, that I know.

375. My Grandpa, who is no longer with us and I miss him greatly, who always had a smile on his face.  I miss him so much.

376. My little brother who has become such a wonderful daddy to his two sons.  It is so wonderful to see him as a daddy.

377. My three brothers-in-law who are great fathers to their children.

378. Celebrating all of these wonderful men in my life for Father's Day.

379. My Dad giving my twelve year old son his very first job and teaching him important skills.

380. Our chiropractor who helps my husband when his back goes out.

381. My little sister who takes the kids over night for a fun night and gives my husband and I am night alone.

382. Preaching in our children's service to give my husband a break.

383. Air conditioning.

384. My husband not pointing out all of the spots I missed when attempting to clean the car for him even though when it comes to the vehicles he is a perfectionist.

385. Neighbors that walk the block in the evening.

386. Beautiful summer nights.

387. My husband's back finally feeling better after a week of pain.

388. Summer break that allows my kids freedom to stay up later and camp out  with each other more often.

What are you praising God for today?

Sweet Blessings~
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  1. God is such a wonderful Father, isn't He. He really does make sure His kids are taken good care of.
    You are blessed to have such wonderful men in your life.
    I am thankful for the wonderful men God has put in my life.

    Hugs, cindy

  2. I'm glad you had a good week. I'm so glad your husbands back is better!

  3. Great list, Jenifer. Praising God for lessons, growth and humor through trial.

  4. So many wonderful men in my life as well. I feel very blessed, even though my own father has been gone for two years now; I still miss him terribly. Father's Day isn't the same anymore.

    But I am so grateful that my husband is such a great dad and that my f-i-l is still strong and active. And of course Father God, who makes all the other fathers know how to do it.

    Have a great week, Jenifer!


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