Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Friends and Farm Animals

Please join me at Woman to Woman Ministries as we continue through the Love Dare.  Today is week/Dare .

This week has been a beautiful and blessed week for me.  It has helped me to see some of the beautiful ways God is blessing me and my family.  So I will continue on counting those sweet blessings in 2012:

331. My husband who stays up late at night coaching our sons' baseball games but still gets up very early for work each day.

332. Friends arriving in town safely.

333. Hugs from a best friend.

334. Best friends and spending time with them.

335. Visiting the farm with our dear friends.

336. Seeing a baby calf come into this world. 

337. Our friend winning all three of his races and seeing the amazing things God is doing with him.

338. Having their sweet little girl stay with us for a few days and seeing all of the kids playing together.

339. A girls night with my daughters and our little visitor in a hotel.

340. My husband and sons having a boys night at home with lots of food and video games.

341. A fun kid's service at church.

342. Seeing kids raise their hands to worship God.

343. Celebrating my nephew's first birthday.

344. Dinner and many laughs with our friends.

345. Getting my husband's tv cable fixed after a week of not working.

346. A morning workout with my mom and daughters.

347. My mom's excitement at serving as the interim pastor of her church.

348. Watermelon, a cool and refreshing summer treat.

349. A dishwasher so that I do not have to do all of the dishes by hand.

350. My son who is currently "playing" the piano and singing along to his own made up songs.

What are you praising God for today?  He is so good and worthy of our praise!

Sweet Blessings~
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  1. Love your list! Today I am thankful that I hear God when He speaks to me.

  2. spending time with best friends. pure gift! this week I'm thankful for life- for healthy kids that are all mine.

  3. Love your list. I, too, am often amazed by my husband's generous spirit- playing long and late with the kids and then hauling out of bed while we sleep so he can go to work. How blessed we are for that gift!

  4. A wonderful list! I'm glad you had a good week with your firends!

  5. Your list is great to read over and see a mommy indulge in the simple moments :)

    I'm thankful for messy bed heads this morning and the opportunity to surf on into blogs like yours :)

    Patty from

  6. God is indeed GOOD!!! I am praising Him for His faithfulness to us.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Thankful for God giving me grace today and patience with one of my co-workers so I didn't bite his head off, and also that I went to service yesterday, first time in 3 weeks, even though it was w/o my husband, but good for my soul! Thankful that I'm trying to stick to my blogging and connecting and God's given me the motivation and energy to do it so far... :)

  8. I love seeing all the PEOPLE in your list. Relationships really are the ultimate gift from God, always worthy of our time and energy. Thanks for sharing your list, Jenifer!

  9. Beautiful list! I love all my animals too. God bless!

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