Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Punish Because I Care

Punishing our children hurts.  I mean really hurts.

Recently my husband and I had to punish our son because of his disrespectful attitude.  He had several warnings to straighten up but continued being rude and disrespecting his mama, me.  My son is now a little old for spankings, and they never worked with him anyway.  My son doesn't care if you take things away from him, like tv or video games.  So I had to make a decision.  How was I going to punish him that would make an impact and show him that I was serious about this little thing called respect?


{I can hear all you baseball moms gasping in horror}  My son loves to play baseball.  He is really good.  He plays left field and is a great catcher.  He enjoys the hour and a half each night that he gets to play with his friends and build his friendships.  He was told he could not play that night.  He was not even allowed to suit up.  We still had to go to the game as my husband is the coach, but I also wanted him to see what he was missing and how he was letting his team down.

It hurt me.  Oh my friends, it hurt me bad.  I LOVE being a baseball mom!  I truly enjoy the bright lights, heat and dust flying as I watch my boys play baseball.  I was almost in tears as we left the house because I would not be watching my son play ball.  I might had even given in and let him play, except he was disrespectful with his dad right before leaving the house.  Though it hurt, I had to punish him because I love him.  Because he has to learn.

God is the same way with us.

Sometimes God punishes us for our sins, but He does it because He loves us. He might punish us with a light correcting, I like to call these "God spankings."  But sometimes we may be punished by losing something or our sin becoming 'known' to others.  But we can be assured that God punished us out of pure love for His child.

Because the Lord disciplines the one He loves, 
and He chastens everyone He accepts as His son.  
Hebrews 12:6

I do not expect my child to say, "oh thank you mom for taking away my baseball!'"  No, that will not happen, I promise you.  He had to suffer and was a little embarrassed, I am sure, when he showed up without his uniform on for his teammates to see.  But as parents, we know that they need these lessons and someday they might appreciate the lessons learned.

However, my friends, we can praise God for His corrections.  We have proof right in His Word that He only corrects us out of love.  He is never out to embarrass us or hurt us.  He corrects us to help us grow and better serve Him.   Have you received a God spanking lately?  Has God had to take more drastic measures to reach you?  Thank Him.  Yes, thank Him.  Thank Him that He loves you enough to correct you.  Thank Him that He is reaching down and showing you love in this way.  Then listen to Him.  I want my son to learn his lesson from this incident, learn the lesson God was teaching you and move forward.

I punished my boy because of love.
God punishes us because of love.  Praise Him for that.

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Sweet Blessings~
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  1. Oh, I do feel your pain Jenifer! We had to inflict the "no ice cream" punishment on our three the other night and there were tears and even the silent treatment from my ten year old! Mine are younger and that was a huge disappointment to them, but they were not listening or obeying and it had gone on too long. Seems like not such a big deal to take away their desert, but it really was hard... I want to please them and put smiles on their faces. What mom wants to have to deal with ice cream tears and pouty faces? But, getting the point across was much more important. We're moms and the job is sometimes hard. Keep loving them just the way you are :) Blessings!

  2. Obedience and respect will matter more in his relationship with God one day, more so than the things that were taken from him. We are in the same boat with ours. We want our children to be better than us in these areas. Because we must have them to be able to truly come to a place where God is the Lord and Master of our lives. It aids so much in our understanding of this concept. Keep it up mom. Your children will thank you one day, eventually.

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life

  3. My son is now 40 years old, and I still remember how it hurt to punish him. You have chosen the right path to follow with your son, and I admire your courage in doing so. Society may not agree, but someday you and your son will be glad you did. And God is rejoicing that you are following His leading.

  4. Great job! I am one that can cave to easy in situations like this because I don't want to see my children hurt. I need to remember it's for the greater good in the long run. I loved how you compaired a parent's discipline and God's discipline. Have a good day!

  5. Being a mom is hard work, there's no doubt about it. It isn't easy to punish and discipline children. Good parents follow through with it, though. God is such a good God to love us and discipline us.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I feel your pain too. Disciplining our children to teach them life lessons is rarely easy, but it is so important and pays lifelong benefits. Hang in there!


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