Monday, September 24, 2012

Water Baptism & Fall Candles

A man shall leave his father and his mother, 
and be joined to his wife; and they shall  become one flesh. 
Genesis 2:24

This verse, the "leaving and cleaving" verse, is God's original blueprint of how marriage is supposed to work.  We are to become one with our mate.  Knit together.  When we marry, we leave our parents.  Of course we still respect and honor them but they {our parents} must now step into a role of counselors to be respected instead of someone who can "tell us what to do."

When we "cleave" to our mate at marriage, we are clinging to them as our rock of refuge and safety.  This person is now going to love you as Christ loved the church and is going to be the spiritual leader of your home.  To read more, please head over to Woman to Woman Ministries for Marriage Monday.  We are on Love Dare 31.

I am continuing to count all of the sweet ways God is blessing me in 2012:

606. A sweet sister stepping up and teaching the women's Bible study when I was unable to make it.

607. The prayers of many dear people when I am suffering a headache.

608. Having my church family lay hands on me and pray for the headache that held on for five days.

609. Receiving the Woman to Woman Magazine Fall issue in the mail.

610. Many awesome deals from Union 28 Marriage Apparel.

611. The very first water baptism at my church (we just celebrated our first anniversary).

612. Seeing people come to Christ and excited to be baptized.

613. Having my family over for Sunday lunch.

615. Listening to my children and niece and nephews play outside.

616. Fall scented candles.

617. The reminder, through song, to let my life and love reflect that of Christ.

618. The reminder that without love, I am nothing.

What are you praising God for today?  Comment below with five blessings you are thankful for.

I am a wife, mother of four, homeschooling mom, homemaker, pastor's wife, blogger and more.  When we started school this year it was my goal to be intentional {my word for the year} about all I do.  I don't want anything to
lack.  I want to be the best at what I do.  No, I cannot always be perfect, but I can do my best.  With all I have to do, it takes a lot of prioritizing, planning and preparing.  Just tonight before typing this out, I spent three and a half hours doing lesson and meal plans for the week.  I have never done this before this year.  But this is a priority for me.

Lorrie Flem, of Eternal Encouragement, has a great help!  Her book, Managing My Minutes is a beautiful encouragement on how to prioritize and schedule.  My absolute favorite thing about this book is that Lorrie stresses our time with God is most important.  She says, "It's the most important part of a schedule you'll ever have."  So true!  Time with God must be the first thing we carve out time for.  No matter what many balls you are juggling, the Scheduling Bundle is definitely worth reading!

To check out Managing My Minutes, click HERE.

*I received this book free of charge for review.  All thoughts are my own.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Great list, my friend! I love the relationship you have with your family. How blessed you are!!

    Have a lovely Monday...

  2. Great post on marriage! Thank you for the review :)


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