Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Home That Says Jesus

It is so fun to decorate your home at Christmas time.  Shiny lights, stockings hung with care, stars placed high on trees, ornaments of every color, some homemade yet some treasures passed down, candles that burn, and the scent of Christmas goodies throughout the house as you bake.

Christmas '06
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I love decorating for the seasons and holidays, but decorating for Christmas is my favorite.  Our home is full of red and white decorations and lots of snowmen.  A large Christmas tree in our dining room, a medium tree in our living room and a small table top tree in the kids' bathroom {yes, bathroom}. We love Christmas time.

As much as I love decorating for Christmas, as much as I love lights and snowmen, I would put it all away never to be brought out again if my home did not reflect Christ.  This season is about Him.  About the One who came to save us.  The One who came to give us hope and a future.  How can our home not reflect Him?

When people come over I don't want them to ooh and aah over my decorations, I want them to see that we are celebrating the birth of a King.  The King of all kings.

So among our snowmen and red and white stockings, you will find scripture verses in every room, nativity scenes, gingerbread men in the kitchen that say "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" and children's book that share of Jesus' birth. You will also find a family doing an advent study every morning and prayers lifted throughout the day.

It is so easy to follow the world's example of Christmas being all about give me, give me, give me.  Will you follow their lead or will your home, family and heart reflect the true meaning of Christmas?

One of our reflections of Christ in our home is a beautiful The Heart of Jesus Advent Tabletop Devotional from Dayspring. Each day offers a scripture verse and thought provoking question for your day. It is so precious to see my children read the verse and ponder the questions.  What I love so much about this devotional is that it can be used every single year.

Another reflection of Christ is my beautiful Christmas Share The Joy Christmas Apron  also from Dayspring.  I love to wear aprons when I cook and this apron has brought a beautiful sense of Christmas and Christ's joy to my kitchen.

For the Share The Joy Christmas ApronThe Heart of Jesus Advent Tabletop Devotional, and much more check out Dayspring, click the picture below.  

Sweet Blessings~

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