Friday, May 10, 2013

How To Spend Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is such a beautiful day to celebrate our mothers and those women who invested in our lives.  But it can also be hard.  Gift giving occasions are difficult sometimes.  Whether for financial reasons, not knowing what to purchase or she already has everything she could want. So what do you get for such a special person in your life when the bank account is empty or you are at a loss for what to buy?

Your time.

My family
My parents in the middle wearing white
Time is precious.  The world we live in today is rush, rush, rush.  We are too busy to stop and have a conversation with those we love. We are too busy to express our love to them through a simple hug or act of kindness.

My sister, she is one of the best aunts ever! Each year for Christmas, and often for birthdays or other occasions, she has all eight (soon to be nine) of the nieces and nephews over to her home for a giant slumber party.  Just last weekend she had all of the kids over.  They went to grab a bite to eat then they came home and watched movies and camped out in her living room.  The kids cherish this time with their aunt.

Our time is the best gift we can give this Mother's Day.  Don't just make a quick phone call, mail a card or give a gift that will likely end up forgotten about the next day. Spend quality time with your loved ones.  Hug them a little tighter.  Look them in the eyes and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.  Make memories this Mother's Day that will last a lifetime.

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful mother I could as for.  I am blessed to have you as not only my mom, but my best friend.  I love you mom!

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