Sunday, May 5, 2013


This past month I have focus on serving my family.  {Now I know this can be a controversial thing.  I posted before about serving my husband and was attacked at every turn.  I truly enjoy serving my family.  Please do not criticize.}  I am not talking about being my family's doormat.  I am not talking about being their maid.  I am talking about serving them as Christ served.  Christ washed the feet of His disciples!  What makes me think I am better than Him!?  No, I am not washing my husband's and children's feet.  But I am trying to serve them.  

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  1. I love to serve my husband and my children whenever I get a chance, as you said Christ came to serve, why do people think they would be above Him?
    We do live in a "it's all about me" society though, even some of our worship songs can be a little bit that way, too, Jenifer. I love serving Christ and blessing HIM! Because truly, it's ALL about HIM!
    Hugs, Cindy


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