Thursday, June 20, 2013

eMeals Gone Mobile

In our home family dinners are a priority. No matter the day, no matter what is on the calendar, dinner together is a must. But my family gets tired of the same thing over and over. eMeals has been a great tool for me. It gives me new, fresh ideas for dinners, but it also gives me a very detailed grocery list. I just type in the store I regularly shop at when I signed up and each week they send me a shopping list for that store. It tells me every ingredient I will need and approximately how much the meal will cost.

There are great meals, like this...

and this...

Up to this point I get my meals via email, then write it out. However, I am known for forgetting my list when I go to the store. I spend precious time writing lists and they never leave my house. {sigh} Now eMeals has an Android app! {The launched their iPhone app earlier this year.} I am thrilled about this. I downloaded the app to my cell, typed in my email and password, and now all of my meals, lists and all, are right there on my cell. That is so convenient for when I go shopping.

If you don't have eMeals yet, why not!? Get it! It is such a wonderful benefit and well worth it. To sign up for eMeals, click the picture to the right or click HERE.

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  1. My mouth is drooling and my filled to the brim momma schedule is a smiling.

    Thanks for splashing with us and linking up to splash other mommas as well.

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