Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Vow of Purity

Purity. It is something lacking in our society. Recently while doing a search online for purity, I found an article saying purity should not exist. This article did not just suggest but outright said that one should have many partners before marriage. What!? My heart sank at those words. Moms, this is what is being shoved down our daughters throats! In this world of 'it's all about me and my own pleasure.' all morals are tossed out the window.
Purity is God's plan for our live until marriage. Purity is God's perfect design for us before we take a vow with a mate for life.
It is time we take a stand. It is time we show our girls what God's design is. That He has a great plan for her life and purity until marriage is a part of that plan.
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