Thursday, September 19, 2013

Perfect Power

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We are taught over and over by the world that we need to be strong. We need to be powerful and tough. Ready to handle anything and everything.

When someone upsets us, we yell harsh words at them.

Some even find it okay to treat others physically harsh, too.

But looking the Fruits of the Spirit {Galatians 5} we see a word the exact opposite of harsh: gentleness. Some look at gentleness as weakness. It's weak to let someone hurt you and not strike back. It's weak to not show your power.

But the truth is gentleness is power under perfect control.

Do you look at Jesus and think of Him as weak? Of course not! Our Lord is the most powerful of all! Never would we think of the Creator of all, the King of Kings as weak. But Jesus was gentle. Jesus had power under perfect control.

When we control our temper, we are showing power under perfect control, or gentleness. When we walk away from a harsh situation, we are showing power under perfect control, or gentleness. When gentleness is on our tongue or in our hands, we are showing power under perfect control.

When we show gentleness, we are really showing great power and strength. Let's be truly tough people and show gentleness!

Is your power under control?

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  1. Hi Jenifer! So I guess you haven't been over at my blog today, because I talk about a time I was not gentle at all!

    I agree that being gentle/meek is to be so powerful...I really need work on that! Following Jesus is the narrow gate, no question!

    So nice to meet you today!

    1. Oh Ceil, we all need to work on that I think. I know I do. I am heading over now to check out your post! Nice to "meet" you as well! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks Jenifer! This is a great post and I'll try to show gentleness. Wit His help :-


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