Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wise Ole Owl

I have hidden your word in my heart...
Psalm 119:11

I once heard someone say when we stop learning, we stop growing. I've read through the Bible several times. I am familiar with so many of the stories that I can quote it as I go. It can be so easy to 'skim' through the words as I read because I know the words so well.

But if I think I have 'arrived' and cannot learn more from the Word, I am sorely mistaken! Just because I can quote David and Goliath front, back and sideways, doesn't mean I don't learn from it every time I read it.

God's Word is the Living Word. Each time I read it, I get something different even though the words are the same. It may be that I am in a different place in my life or maybe that God just has something different for me this time. But I always learn.

Just because you've read the Bible once, read it again! Just because you know the story from Sunday School, read it anyway. Don't be tempted to skim it or skip it altogether. Read it! Hide it in your heart over and over again.

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  1. yes! great challenge to keep reading!

  2. Amen! There is always something to glean from God's word!!

  3. Hi Jenifer, excellent excellent excellent! Need i say more? Great reminder
    God bless

  4. That's so true! I often skim over things that I feel like I know, and then am brought back to them with a jerk months later when I learn something I didn't know that was hidden in the middle! The Bible is like a treasure trove that goes down and down and down and we never get to the bottom of!

  5. This is so true Jenifer! I find each time I read a familiar book or story I learn something new...It is "living" and has power to speak to us directly and change us!!! I love my personal study meditation time..Thanks and keep challenging us! Blessings!

    1. Yes, God's word is alive! Thanks, Patty, for stopping in!

  6. A wonderful reminder. I have a dear friend who says, "There is always so much more." Meaning...there is always more for us to learn from His Word. I'm a relatively new Christian so still working on making my way through the entire Bible.
    Thanks for linking up for Three Word Wednesday!!
    Many blessings,

    1. Oh so true! There is always so much more! Love that. Keep making your way through the Word!! Thanks for stopping in Beth!


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