Monday, December 30, 2013

Packing Up Christmas

Christmas is over and I am getting my house back in order. Decorations are being packed up and put away for the next eleven months.

I love decorating for Christmas, packing it away, not so much. I wash the dish towels and blankets, get the dishes out of the cabinet, collect all the Christmas books, take down the ornaments and wrap them in tissue paper, pull apart the artificial tree, remove the knickknacks and everything is packed away.

Among our packing, are we packing away Jesus?

We sang beautiful carols, lovingly placed our nativity, read the Christmas story and lit candles. But's it's over now. The calendar is turning.

But Jesus is still alive. Even though the lights have been turned off, the tree is away and the radio stations have went back to 'regular' music, we can still have the heart of Christmas shining through us. After all, Jesus came to this earth on Christmas so that we could live forever, not just one day.

Have you packed away your Christmas decorations yet? Be sure to keep Jesus out of the box and in the center of your heart and home!

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  1. My decor is still up, not for long though. And yes, Christ must life in our hearts, openly, each and every day.


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