Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Jump Like A Dog At The Doorbell

This morning as my oldest is taking a test on the computer, the younger three are laying on the couch reading their assignments, the dogs lay quietly on the floor, and I return a few emails, the doorbell rings.

I practically threw my laptop across the room as I jumped and ran faster than the dogs did! I knew what the doorbell meant today. It meant this....

Yep, that's a box of Living Out Titus 2 books! I am so excited!

Living Out Titus 2 is all about mentorship. How to find a mentor and how to be a mentor. We all need someone in our lives to come along side us and help and encourage us. And we need to do that for others.


Did you see the big news yesterday!?

Woman to Woman introduced Living Out Titus 2 Mentoring Groups! To host or participate in a group, click HERE.

Head over to Amazon and check out Living Out Titus 2!

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