Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fun Bibles for Kids

Zondervan provided me with free copies of this Bible for my honest opinion.

As a mom and children's pastor, I have a deep desire to see children in the Word of God. Whether reading for themselves or having someone read it to them, it is important that our children learn to read the Bible. Sometimes children need incentives to do things, like read. So these cute Bibles for kids are perfect!

Fun #Bibles for #kids

The Super Heroes Bible in 3D is simply put, amazing! I thought this would be a boy Bible, oh no way! Girls love it too! The Super Heroes Bible in 3D is full of 3D pictures and this Bible comes with 3D glasses and a little pocket to hold them. It is so fun to read the stories then check out the pictures as they come to life under the glasses. Super heroes are not just in comic books or on the big screen, they are in the Bible! If you have a little boy, or girl, you want to check out the The Super Heroes Bible in 3D!

Every girl wants pretty things. Sparkly things. What girl doesn't love bling right!? The Sequin Bible is perfect for any girl who loves her some bling. It's so super cute that she will want to carry it everywhere; church, school, home, everywhere! If your girl is into sparkle and shine, check out the Sequin Bible!

Every child needs a Bible to call their own. It helps them grow to love the Word of God. If you know a child who needs a Bible, check out the The Super Heroes Bible in 3D and the Sequin Bible.

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