Tuesday, June 24, 2014


On several occasions I have shared the super crazy dreams I have. My dreams are flat out weird. Sometimes I just laugh off my weird dreams, and sometimes I am curious about them. The Bible has a lot to say about dreams too. From angels visiting people in dreams to Jacob's ladder dream to John's waking dream that lead to the book of Revelation.

Sometimes I think my dreams are due to large bowls of ice cream right before bed {smiles} and sometimes I firmly believe God is teaching me something. After a recent odd dream I had, I spent a few days praying that God would reveal His message to me. God speaks to us in any means He chooses, sometimes it is through dreams.

Do you have weird dreams? Do you ever feel like God is reaching out to you in a dream? I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Dreamtreaders, the first of the new trilogy from author Wayne Thomas Batson, is about a 14 year old teen, Archer, who realizes he can enter and explore his dreams. Archer sets off to find other dreamtreaders in attempt to defeat the enemy terrorizing his friends and family. Dreamtreaders is a great read for your preteen.

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