Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Share A Blessing

I have to tell you, nothing brightens my day like receiving a hand written letter or card for no reason at all. We live in a time of text message, email, Facebook message, snapchat, need I go on? Everything is electronic and fast. And that's okay. Really, it is.

When someone pauses to say hello, it blesses me, no matter what form that friendly hello comes in. But hand written notes are so precious! I remember growing up I sent my Mamaw letters all the time. I have no idea if I spelled  the words correctly and I don't even remember what I said. I just know that I would send her a letter, and she would send me a letter back. I loved it! Several months ago my daughter sent my Mamaw a hand written letter. And guess what? Mamaw sent her a hand written letter back! My daughter was thrilled!

There are times I randomly receive a note of encouragement or a note of thanks from someone. And I can tell you that almost every single time, it has been a God appointment. Something I truly needed at that moment. The sender couldn't have possibly known that I needed their words, but I did.

Not only do I love to receive notes, but I love to send notes. I have horrible hand writing friends. I mean so bad that sometimes I cannot even read my writing! But I enjoy sending notes and just pray the recipient can read it! {smiles} Sometimes my notes may be a few short words to let them know I am thinking of them, sometimes it might be a Scripture God laid on my heart to share, or sometimes I see a card that just makes me think of someone in particular. But I love doing that little deed to let people know they are thought of. Sometimes we just need to share a blessing with someone else.

Do you send hand written notes? Who can you send a note to today?

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Share A Blessing is an adorable notebook with 24 cute cards and over 1000 cute stickers. Your child can write their own notes of blessing and decorate them with these fun stickers then bless someone. Perfect for making a grandma's day when she opens the mailbox, sending to a friend who has moved away, or blessing someone in the church who may be ill. My daughter is having the best time with Share A Blessing and I know your child will love it too!

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  1. So frequently your words inspire me to keep going, to again pick up the staff and keep walking towards the goal of higher things! Thank you!

  2. And the last time we got or sent mail? Just in this last week. :) love that part of being back in the states so much! :)


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