Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Man Stuff

I grew up reading the Bible. I remember being in Missionettes and having to read a certain number of chapters each week. My love for the Word of God began then. But as a busy mother with young children, my Bible reading took a back seat. I hadn't even realized it had until a few years ago.

I felt as though something was missing in my life. God showed me how my Bible came off the shelf only for church, then went right back on the shelf until the next service.

The Bible is our daily bread and I knew it was time to get back into the Word of God.

Yet, I wasn't sure where to start. It almost seemed overwhelming. I found this incredible devotional that helped get me started. It had short, easy to read and easy to understand devotionals with supporting Scripture verses. It got me back into the Bible and each day my desire to read the Bible grew.

Devotionals should never take the place of the Bible. But they are a great addition.

What are your favorite devotionals?

Man Stuff, a devotional for men. #fatherhood #manstuff #men #devotional

Man Stuff, by singer Josh Turner, is an incredible devotional for men. Josh says that just as the Bible says iron sharpens iron, men need to share with each other and make each other better husbands and better fathers. He shares real life stories and experiences as he helps sharpen other men.

From my husband, Jeremy:
I am not one that enjoys reading. Not only do I dislike reading, but I just don't have the time to do so. Sometimes it's even hard to read the Bible. Man Stuff offers short, inspiring devotions that get me into the Word. Josh's stories and encouragement leaves you feeling like you connected with a brother in Christ. Man Stuff is an incredible book that I recommend to all men.
Not only did my husband enjoy Man Stuff, but I did too!

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  1. We love Josh Turner! I don't have a favorite devotional. I guess I should work on that!

  2. My favorite is an old standby - Jesus Calling by Sarah Young - I re-read every year lol!

  3. I have several favorites! My husband, on the other hand, does not enjoy reading that much. I would love to win this for him... This would be his kind of book!


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