Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beauty and the Beet

My family has always been huge fans of Veggie Tales. Even at just a couple of months old, my daughter would sit mesmerized in front of Veggie Tales. At 16, she still likes it, and so do we. I love the life lessons and Biblical values Veggie Tales offers.

VT has a brand new movie, Beauty and the Beet. This new animated tale features singer Kelli Pickler as the main character, Mirabelle, as well as 8 brand new songs and an all new Silly Songs with Larry.

The Veggie Beats want to get to their next big gig. But a big snow storm strands them in a run down hotel with a mean manager who makes them work for their stay. But will Maribelle's kindness change the mean Beet?

Check out the trailer:

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