Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Like = Prayer?

The other day while scrolling through Facebook I came upon a picture. One of those movie shots with words added. I don't even know what movie it is from, but I see this picture all of the time. This one struck me however. I've blogged about this topic before because it is something God dealt with me on before.

How many times have we seen a prayer request on Facebook? I see at least several a day. It is easy to read it, "Like" it and move on.

Yet clicking "Like" doesn't actually equal praying.

For too many years, someone would ask me to pray for them and I said yes. Yet a prayer never escaped my lips. Then I realized, what if others were doing the same to me? When I have a need and go to my sisters and brothers in Christ for prayer, I want them to lift my need to Heaven. But I wasn't doing that.

I know, we are all crazy busy people. But do we believe in prayer? Do we believe in praying for others? Do we want others to pray for us?

If you hear of a prayer request, whether on social media or text or in person, pray for the need. Stop right then and there, before you forget, and pray. Jot a note down to continue praying. If I am home, I either put a sticky note on my computer or write the need in my journal. If I am out, I put a reminder in my phone.

Praying for others blesses them. Praying for others blesses YOU. The next time you see or hear a prayer request, do more than click "Like."

What method do you use to remember to pray for others?

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