Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pure Love, Pure Life

Purity means different things to different people. To some it means not being s*xually active until married. To others it might also mean not looking at the opposite gender in a lustful way. To some it means not looking at p*rnography. And to others it might also mean dressing modestly.

But what does purity mean to God?

Can we even achieve purity according to God's standards?  Is it possible?

Author Elsa Kok Colopy in her book, Pure Love, Pure Life, explores what God says is purity. Elsa teaches that purity is more than the word no. It's more than restrictions and dos and don'ts. It's about the heart of God.

Pure Love, Pure Life is a wonderful book for your tween or teen girl, even for any single adults. It is also a wonderful book for parents to read as you lead and guide your children through purity. With 3 teens and 1 preteen, I know this book has blessed me as a parent.

Please check out Pure Love, Pure Life.

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